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PostPosted: Tue Nov 6, '07, 1:30 am
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Chapter Two

Five days had gone by since the incident. Rays family had taken me in and there was no sign of anything surviving the fire. "Are you sure?" Rays mom say as I sat on the bed, staring at the ceiling. A creaking sound came from the bedroom door, I glanced over without turning my head to notice Ray looking at me through the crack.

I turned to my side, facing the wall, the light from the hallway dimmed as the door was closed. My mind began to wander as I thought about the fire. "Mommy!! No.. let me go Ray, I gotta help mommy!" I yelled out as Ray held me from running into the burning house. Using all my strength I couldn't break Rays grip on me.

He turned me around and held me close as a few of the townspeople finally arrived to douse the inferno. "Alys.." I heard someone say as I woke up from that nightmare. The blankets that were wrapped around me tightened as I fell out of the bed. I looked up to notice the sun had already risen, and no one was in sight.

"I wonder who could of called me?" Thinking to myself. I picked myself up from the floor and walked to the kitchen. Ray had already gone to school for the day and his parents were off to their job while I slept the day away. "Guess I'm just hearing things." I thought to myself as I washed my face in the sink.

As I finished washing my face I decided to step outside and get some fresh air for a brief moment. The sun shined brightly in the sky as I stepped outside, it blinding me for a moment. "Maybe I'll go see if I can find anything at the house." I said to myself as I walked. I knew I wouldn't find any trace of my mom, nothing could have survived the fire.

Dark clouds approached from the eastern direction, it seemed a rainstorm was coming. Usually one would think that in a man made worldship that there wouldn't be a such thing as weather. Science never really interested me so I never thought about it that much. I walked up the big hill leading to my once happy home. After a few minutes of walking I reached the top, staring down at my house.

"Mommy..." I said with a sad voice, my eyes teared up. I wiped my eyes and made my way down the long hill to my house. The wind picked up and the sky darkened as rain began falling. It was to late to turn back for Rays so I decided to continue on, hoping to find something in the midst of the destruction.

I approached my house, smoke was still coming from the ruin. A loud crash of thunder was heard as a flash of lightning struck in the sky. I fell to my knees, covering my head I screamed in fright. The sky continued to flash as lightning blazed in the sky, I looked up towards the ruins of my home to see a figure standing in front of it.

I noticed the figures cloak blowing in the wind, a hood covering its head so I couldn't tell if this was a boy or a girl. "Such a tragedy." The person said, it sounded like a boy, maybe three to four years older than me. Finally standing to my feet I approached the boy. "Excuse.. me?" I mumbled as the sky lit up and thunder crashed.

When the flash dimmed the hooded boy has vanished, only a voice could be heard in the wind. "Head towards Nolt." The voice said. I looked around, no one could be seen. Nolt is a town a few miles north of Aquis, my dad use to work as a scientist there before he died. "I wonder what could be in Nolt?" I thought to myself as I walked back towards Rays house, completly forgetting why I came here.

A few of the stormclouds disappeared, looking up into the sky a few shooting stars could be seen flying in space past the artificial sky of the dome. The door of Rays house opened, Ray had walked home from school, soaking wet he noticed a letter on the table. He began reading the letter. "Oh no.. Alys!" He said as he dropped the letter.

Chapter Two End
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