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PostPosted: Sun Nov 4, '07, 11:16 pm
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Chapter One

"AW 1284, The artificial satellite, Gaira, crashed into the first planet of the Algo Solar Sytem Parma." A teacher read out of a text book. "Before its destruction twelve ships were sent into space. Can anyone name these ships?" The teacher asked. She looked around the room, noticing a few students paying her no attention.

"Two names were given to the ships. Alisa was named after the heroine Alis Landale who saved the solar sytem two thousand years ago, and the other was named Neo Parm, which we currently live on now." I answered the teacher. The other students looked at me as if I was some kind of know it all.

The teacher closed her book and set it on her desk. "Very good Alys. I see someone has been studying their history." She praised me. History wasn't a tough subject to learn, its just common knowledge really if you think about it. The schoolbell rang to end another dull day of elementary school.

I was just a seven year old girl at the time. Living a quiet peaceful life with my mother on the outskirts of Aquis. Carrying my history book close to my chest I walked out of the classroom and into the hallway only to be pushed down by a few kids. "Why do you always gotta make us look bad?" A classmate of mine said.

The kids always teased me for answering the teachers questions. "Leave Alys alone!" I heard someone yell as I was trying to pick up my book. I heard a smacking noise come from behind me, I looked up to see my friend Ray had hit the boy who was picking on me. Ray pushed the boy against the wall, holding him up by his shirt.

"Tch, fine it isn't worth it." The boy said as Ray set him down. The boy and a few of the other kids gathered together and walked down the hallway. I picked myself up, Ray walked over to me. "Are you ok Alys?" Ray asked as I kept dropping a few of my notes. Ray, you could say is my best friend. We do everything together from studying, to going to the neighboring towns selling monomates with his parents.

"I'm fine, thank you Ray." I said, I was use to it by now so I didn't let it bother me that much. Ray helped me gather a few of my notes and walked with me down the hallway. "So are you still coming over for dinner tonight Alys?" He asked with a cheerful tone in his voice. "Yea, I just gotta do some things for mom first." I replied as we walked outside.

The sun had begun setting, the sky was colored orange as the sun set in the distance. Alright, I'll see you in a few hours." Ray said before he ran towards his brother. I smiled and waved goodbye as the two left. Mom was usually busy selling items from the house so she never really had time to go to the shop.

I walked through the opening in the fence that surrounded the school, noticing all the other kids parents coming to the school to get them after a long day. "I'm tired." I thought to myself as I yawned a little. I walked towards town, to Ms. Kiki's bakery to pick up some food for mom.

"Welcome, how may I help you.. Oh its you Alys." Ms. Kiki said to me as I opened the door. I walked up to the counter and handed her the list my mom had given me. "So is Marina making shortcake again?" she asked me. I nodded my head as she prepared the ingridients and placed them in a bag. I payed her the amount she asked for and left for home.

"That Alys Brangwin, such a good girl." I heard Ms. Kiki say as I left the shop. It had gotten darker, the sun was almost set behind the large hill in the distance. I picked up my pace, carrying my books and the bag I had just recieved. I made it outside of town about twenty minutes later, almost reaching my house I saw Ray coming up the hill.

"Alys!" Ray yelled out. I came to a stop, noticing he was covered in black I looked behind him to see my house in a flame. I dropped everything and ran past Ray down the hill towards my house. "Alys! Wait!" Ray yelled out. He began running after me but I payed him no attention. My eyes teared up as I continued running towards the house.

The flames engulfed the house and the foundation of it crumbled. I slowed down, eventually coming to a stop. "Alys.. I.. I'm.." Ray said as he stood beside me. I sat there and watched my home burn, I fell to my knees, tears dropping down my cheek. I knelt over, gripping the ground. "M..m..MOMMY!!" I yelled out as the flames continued to roar.

Chapter One End
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