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PostPosted: Tue May 16, '17, 7:46 pm 
Saw a post on facebook the other night by actor Dolph Lundgreen saying something about celebrating the 30th Anniversary of "The Masters Of The Universe" movie. He played the role of He-Man in that movie. So, I did some searching and found that the movie was released in the USA in August of 1987, which would make it 30 years old in August of this year. Wow, it doesn't seem that old!

The movie did not seem to do very well at the box office at the time, but has since become a beloved classic film to many movie watchers, and He-Man fans.

And, who can forget the "Masters Of The Universe" cartoons on every Saturday morning, and sometimes other days of the week as well. Not to mention all those "Masters Of The Universe" toys, which are still being sold on some store shelves today, albeit a newer version of the old classics. I am happy as I have a Teela doll and a Sorceress doll from the original version! :clap: There were so many toys, it was hard to keep up with them all. And, does anyone remember He-Man's mortal enemy, Skeletor? What about Castle Greyskull?

Last I heard they were still planning on making a new "Masters Of The Universe, He-Man" movie with a release date of sometime around 2019 or so. Can hardly wait to see that one. ... erse_(film)

PostPosted: Wed May 17, '17, 11:22 am 
Ah ! I remember the animaated serie Masters of the Universe/ He-Man !!! That was great and we saw it in France too ! :)
And very "funny" : Skeletor, the nemesis of He-Man (Musclor in <FRance) kept his true name in the french version ! :)

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