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 Post subject: Birdman
PostPosted: Thu Jun 12, '14, 8:59 pm 
"Birdman" is an up an coming film due for release later this year and it stars actor Michael Keaton, probably best known for playing the role of "Batman", etc. ... z34SIOoVBd

In my opinion, Michael Keaton was the absolute best "Batman" and I hated to see him give up the role. This film will certainly make me think of him as "Batman" again probably instead of "Birdman", but it will be interesting to see the movie when it comes out and see how it goes. Keaton is a terrific actor and will do awesome in the role no matter what.

 Post subject: Re: Birdman
PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, '14, 6:13 pm 
Too bad he's not playing an attorney-at-law in this movie... :P

Okay, enough with the silliness... The movie looks like it has potential.

 Post subject: Re: Birdman
PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, '14, 8:47 pm 
Yeah, somehow I think a lot of people are going to look at the name of this movie and be expecting someone much more colorful. :lol: I'll be surprised if they aren't forced the change the name because of that.

This film may have potential, but I think it is one I'll skip. It sounds too close to what i imagine might be real life for a lot of actors.

 Post subject: Re: Birdman
PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, '15, 7:23 am 
Congrats to "Birdman" on winning the best movie Oscar tonight and Oscar for best director also:

Sadly, Michael Keaton did not win best actor Oscar. I could have cried. He really deserved this award I think. Although others were probably deserving as well.

 Post subject: Re: Birdman
PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, '15, 7:46 am 
I'm still happy it won the awards it did, because it's such a great film. Just finished watching it for the third time! I love it!

 Post subject: Re: Birdman
PostPosted: Mon Feb 23, '15, 6:17 pm 
I loved Redmayne's reaction, so I guess that was worth it. :mrgreen:

I have also dug up my PS2 Harvey Birdman game to make the "I'll ask the director to sign this" joke to my boyfriend.

And, lastly, I watched the Awards with commentary from Mexican "reporters". It was AWFUL!

The whole time, even if they just had given an award in any other category, they were saying "Iñárritu this", "Iñárritu that". They made me sick. Either they talk about all of that in the pre-awards TV shows, or they do not mention it at all.

When they are giving an award for best animated movie, I want to listen things about the animated movies (and the winner), not how Iñárritu should win anything. And I want to hear what the official host has to say, not what those pseudo-professionals think they know.

Sorry for ranting here, but (even if I generally want awards going to the one who deserves them and not to someone I may like only because of country of origin or preferred film genre) they almost made me wish any other film BUT Birdman would win so they would just shut up. :down:

All that said, I have not watched the film. I did not even exist until very recently, and because of the Oscars.

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