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 Post subject: Character names
PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, '20, 9:11 pm 
Do you ever think about character names in Phantasy Star? I sometimes think about characters names in a lot of series and what their name means or what it’s short for. I’ll try do this for Phantasy Star.

Alis - IIRC, Alisa is her full name, right? Obviously some form of Alice.
Myau - Pun on meow.
Odin - I think this might be a short form of Odysseus or Ulysseus.
Noah - Fairly common name.

Rolf & Rudo - Rudo is short for Rudolph, as explained by Rudo himself. It also turns out Rolf is short for Rudolph, meaning these two technically share a name.
Nei - Not a name, its meaning is explained in her bio.
Amy - Short for Amelia or Amanda.
Hugh - Form of Hugo.
Anna - Latin version of Hannah.
Josh - Short for Joshua, which is actually a cognate of Jesus.
Shir - Short for Shirley?

Rhys - It’s a Welsh name.
Mieu - Another cat pun?
Wren - I think it’s an uncommon name, as I doubt they’re referencing the bird.
Lyle - It is a name, not too common though.
Lena - Variant of Helen.

Ayn - Not really sure.
Thea - I presume it to be a form of Dorothy.
Sari - I think some version of Sarah?

Nial - Technically Niall, but character limits.
Ryan - Fairly common name.
Laya - Can’t really find anything for it.

Sean - Irish version of John.
Crys - Short for Christopher? The Y is confusing.
Aron - Obviously suppose to be Aaron.
Adan - Spanish version of Adam.
Gwyn - I presume short for Gwendolyn or some form of it.
Kara - It is a name, and I think some version of Katherine?

Chaz - Short for Charles.
Alys - Some variant of Alice again I presume.
Hahn - Sounds and looks quite look Hans or Johannes, Germanic versions of Johnathan.
Rune - Seems to be a name in some regions.
Gryz - Was never sure. Some offshoot of George or Gregory?
Rika - Could be short for Erica, the female version of Eric, but it’s also a female Japanese name.
Demi - Short for Demetria.
Wren - Explained before.
Raja - Seems to be a fairly common Indian.
Kyra - A Greek name that I presume is a female version of Cyrus.
Seth - Fairly common Hebrew name.

So, has anyone else ever thought about character names like this?

 Post subject: Re: Character names
PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, '20, 7:00 pm 
I prefer the japanese names.
I just do.
But yes, I have spent a lot of time thinking of them.
and why they were changed, especially since many of them would have fit the 4 letter scheme, like Lyla or Rudy, or changed for weird reasons, like Anna and Amy(Amia) being reversed, but were changed nonetheless.

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 Post subject: Re: Character names
PostPosted: Thu Sep 3, '20, 11:55 am 
Me too, I tend to prefer japan names but the other ones are cool too ! :)

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