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 Post subject: Algol's religion
PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, '20, 5:13 pm 
In Phantasy Star 1, there are churches with crosses, and the priest who revives folks says some incantation.

What do you suppose this original, extinct (except maybe to Espers) religion is?

In Phantasy Star II, Lutz offers a prayer to the "God of Algol" to heal you.

In Phantasy Star III, while not explicitly stated to be churches, the large churchlike buildings with the churchlike music and priest-like men who raise your party, appear to fill some sort of role akin to religion. (These could be a combination of church and the PSII hospitals, as in the upper floors of this PS3 building, there are females in sexy nurse outfits, who detox poison.)

You'd assume there is religion, extinct or extant, but this is all I got.
( Outside of the Phantasy Stat 1 exgenesis that states LaSheic was visited by "dark priests" of some obviously evil religion.)

Anyone got any takes on this, objective or otherwise?

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 Post subject: Re: Algol's religion
PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, '21, 6:41 pm 
I guess it goes without saying, too, that Zio, also headed a religion of sorts.

Bonus points for Zio, stating upon his death, "Why do you abandon me?," much like another messiah familiar on our planet of earth.

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