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 Post subject: Alcohol in Coke/Pepsi
PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, '12, 7:52 pm 
Oh my word, I just read the scariest thing about alcohol (only small amounts mind you) being in soft drinks such as Coke and Pepsi!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe that???

I mean, I knew the ingredients in Coke were "secret" ingredients, but this takes the cake!!!

Hmmmm, no wonder that stuff tastes so good and makes you feel better after drinking it. :yaknow:

Anyway, Coke may makes some changes, according to the article below, and that is almost as scary as finding out about the alcohol. Anyone remember when Coke made a change before, and how badly that all turned out that they had to change it back????? ... ajor-sodas

 Post subject: Re: Alcohol in Coke/Pepsi
PostPosted: Sun Jul 1, '12, 10:07 am 
Alcohol ? :cry: As I 'm not very fond of alcohol...:( I don't drink alcohol but if there isn't too much of it in our sodas, why not ?

 Post subject: Re: Alcohol in Coke/Pepsi
PostPosted: Sun Jul 1, '12, 4:51 pm 
It's only 0.001 percent per liter. That's not even worth mentioning, if you ask me. I've never know anyone to drink a full liter at once, so the actual intake will be even smaller. A single can is only slightly more than a third of a liter. It is just a natural result of using fruits, so it is not like this was some kind of big cover up, either. I can't imagine this being covered by any kind of legal limits.

So personally, I'm more concerned about the recipe change. I hope that doesn't go as badly as that other fiasco. I was able to try the "new" Coke back in the day and it was horrible.

 Post subject: Re: Alcohol in Coke/Pepsi
PostPosted: Sun Jul 1, '12, 6:26 pm 
That's a negligible amount of alcohol. Someone would have to drink a LOT of soda in order for that tiny amount of alcohol to even begin to have an effect. The fact of the matter is there's trace amounts of all kinds of chemicals in just about everything. The question is how much does it take of any given chemical to have an affect on a person. The poison (or effect) is in the dose, not the chemical itself - that's a principle of chemical toxicology.

There's a very good chance that there's a trace amount of alcohol in fresh fruits, just simply due to natural fermentation processes.

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