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Agent Sino Teril

Agent Sino Teril

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 Post subject: Agent Teril
PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, '10, 4:56 pm 
I haven't posted much fanart at all recently, that's because I haven't been doing any. Instead I've been working on some concept art for my original fangame characters. And the problem is that I don't want to reveal the characters.

Except for the main character, Sino Teril here. He's obviously an agent (Ex-Armorer) like Rolf, uses guns, spears and halberds. I think his character is interesting enough myself, but you of course don't know anything about that yet and I really can't reveal that stuff, either.

I apologize for the image being slightly unclear. And something about his left eye won't stop bothering me. It didn't seem so bad on paper.

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 Post subject: Re: Agent Teril
PostPosted: Sat Sep 25, '10, 4:24 am 
Great job, Solar! He sounds like an interesting character and I hope we get to know him a little better sometime in the future. :)

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