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PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, '11, 7:52 pm
Author's Note: I didn't intend for this to be a true sequel to "To Know His Name" (which can be found in various places on the internet), but I wound up referencing it more than I had originally planned. I don't think it's necessary to read it to fully enjoy this story, but it also wouldn't hurt...


Following the defeat of Lassic and the Dark Force, peace was restored to the Algol System as Alis Landale ascended the throne and took her rightful title of Queen. Though only fifteen years old, she had won over the hearts of the people of Algol by saving them from imminent destruction and protecting them from evil. She was a fearless leader and natural ruler and everyone believed their future was safe in her hands.

The new queen quickly assembled a team of trusted advisers and immediately set out to solve the problems Algol still faced. The monsters that had terrorized all three planets began to disappear. Those who were unfairly imprisoned by Lassic were freed. A team of brilliant scientists was dispatched to investigate the cause of the poisonous gasses plaguing the village of Sopia on Motavia and the ocean channels were instantly reopened to help the residents of Drasgow. Pioneers traveled to Dezoris to further colonize the ice planet and the entire system began to prosper again.

In the years it took to revitalize Algol, a new palace was built at the base of the hill of Baya Malay. The humble queen initially protested its construction, but was reminded that she needed a place from which she could conduct her operations; still, she insisted that it be a modest dwelling. The walls surrounding the area remained intact, as the guards had suggested, but the majestic mountain was no longer considered the intimidating threat it once had been.

By the time the queen reached her eighteenth birthday, Algol was thriving once more. What would have taken most people a lifetime to accomplish, she had done before she even reached adulthood. She had sacrificed what should have been her lighthearted adolescent years for the good of her people and felt no regrets about her decision. As she surveyed her flourishing kingdom from where she stood alone in her palace, however, she could not help but wonder what was next in store for her...
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