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PostPosted: Mon Jul 5, '10, 7:51 pm 
Warning: Long post. If you wish to comment using a quote, Please refrain from quoting the entire post..

This is a list of all music tracks for PS 2-3-4 and partial list for PS1 with my thoughts on remixing them. Being from a PS game does not automatically make a song great. I am sometimes brutally honest with my opinion of a track. If you are easily offended, do not proceed further.

This thread has an objective: spark ideas and conversation. If it is left unanswered, remix production will be significantly slower in the long run.

Phantasy Star 1:

This one has very catchy tunes. There are some must-do remixes in there. I can't find a full song listing but I have a music emulation system here that allows me to listen them all. I'm not going to list those I can't recognize and/or don't want to remix but here are those that are of interest to me:

    Title screen theme: Yes. This is a very pretty theme which I really want to try and remix.

    Palm overworld: Yes, a lot. I love this song, I'm gonna remix this into loveable love.

    All dungeon themes (3 of them): Yup. Very nice remixable songs but not priority remixes.

    Cut-scene / character intro theme: I'd like to do that but with a very low priority.

    Opening of the game: Another worthy of remix. I'd probably change it heavily though.

    Darkforce: This would be the one I want to remix the most in PS1's songs.


Phantasy Star 2:

This game screams awesomeness. Lots to do here. Much nostalgia to catch.

    Prologue -Cutscene music. Maybe. No idea comes to mind. Done!

    Advance - Dungeon theme pre-Climatrol. Yes, soon. I have ideas. Done!

    Brackly news - Weapon/armor shop. No. Boring.

    Death Place - Boss, too awesome. Done!

    Excite Town - Dezo town. That would be fun. I already have ideas. Not a priority.

    Exclaim – Not particularly. No idea comes to mind.

    Movement - Battle end. Maybe. Cute song, would make a nice loop but not a full remix. Done!

    My Home – Rolf's home. Not really. I like it but I don't have any real ideas.

    Mystery – Mota's dams. Yes, soon, I have ideas. Done!

    Never Dream – End credits. Yes, I have ideas, but not now. Much later.

    Noah – Last dungeon. Yes but not now, and I have no ideas.

    Over – Game over - No, completely uninspiring.

    Phantasy – PS2 theme - Probably not. This has already been overdone. I'd rather do something else.

    Pleasure – Mota town - Yes, absolutely, priority. Unfortunately, I have no idea how yet.

    Power – Epic ambience theme - Not much to remix there. I wouldn't consider it a candidate. Done!

    Pressure – Central tower theme – Fun tune but never inspired me to remix.

    Restoration – Mota overworld - I'd love to. Again, often remixed by other but I can see it happening.

    Rise or Fall – Battle theme, best game song in the universe. Done!

    Secret Ways – Dezo simple dungeon – Maybe. Not inspired. A bit too simplistic…

    Silent Zone – Dezo overworld – Yes, absolutely. I have ideas. Likely a "next project" candidate.

    Step Up – Item shop/Menu – That would be fun to remix but as a loop, not as a full remix, too simple.

    Violation – Esper Dungeon – I have never felt the need but this would make a really good choir remix. Done!

Phantasy Star 3:

PS3's music is love to me. This game had its share of fantastic and horrific titles. Many, many remixes here to do.

    Overworld theme: This song owns my soul. Done!

    Maia's abduction theme: Yes, soon! I have a great idea!

    Aron & Crys ending: Not particularly no. Maybe when I'm old and retired :P

    Bad battle theme: Not as a standalone mix but this could be introduced in a PS3 hard medley.

    Battle start / Battle end / Game over: One does not remix 2 seconds long loops.

    Layan Castle: Oh yes. I need to find an idea for this but this will make a powerful remix.

    Credits: No particular interest.

    Dark Force battle: Not as a standalone mix but this could be introduced in a PS3 hard medley.

    World map with main character dead: Maybe. A bit simplistic for my tastes.

    Stone dungeon theme: Yes, eventually. With the proper idea, this would rock.

    Mechanical dungeon theme: Without a doubt, this would make a huge remix!

    Fortune Teller: No. Thanks. Bye.

    Opening theme: Glorious theme of dreams. Done!

    Good battle theme: Not as a standalone mix but this could be introduced in a PS3 hard medley.

    Hospital theme: Ehhh… catchy but … maybe in a soft PS3 Medley.

    Lashute: Yes, soon! Great idea again.

    Laya's temple: Maybe as a back melody in a soft PS3 Medley.

    Laya's world: Opening theme with different instruments. Been there, done that.

    Megido theme: Part of a PS3 soft medley? We're getting a few candidates here.

    Neutral battle theme: Least interesting battle theme overall. Part of hard medley?

    Orakian castle/Waltz theme: Sounds so hard to remix but such potential! Worth investigating.

    Satellite theme: Yes, I love this song but with non ear-piercing instruments please!

    Sean and Adan's ending: Sega already topped everything I could do on their remix CD. Unlikely.

    Shop theme: That would be fun to do as a loop, not a full mix. Not a priority.

    Shushoran theme: Bleh, no.

    Skyhaven theme: Again, part of a soft PS3 medley, that could work.

    Town theme: Yes! Yes God YES! I love this song and it deserves my undying remixing love. Done!

    Wedding theme: Eh…. Not really.

    Wren transforms: Again, Sega did a miracle with this on the remix CD. Still, maybe, someday.

Phantasy Star 4

So many songs… /headache . Not bothering with descriptions unless someone asks. Remember that in my opinion, PS4 has THE weakest OST so don't expect many remixes. As an audio enthusiast, this always pushed PS4 back in my preference list so expect some colored comments in this list. Also, I am grossly allergic to everything that would induce a "KAWAIIIII" reaction among Japanese schoolgirls so anything remotely close to rappies = no.

    End of the Millenium: This would be a pain to do but it IS one of the best songs in there. Maybe. Later.

    Motavia Town: I can imagine doing that. It's one of the rare PS4 inspiring songs.

    Suspicion: ZzzzzZzzzzzz ZZZZzzz … uh? What? Is supper ready? ZzzzZzzzzzz….

    Inn: No. Boring.

    Field Motavia: Yes. This is remix worthy. Could do something very epic and inspiring with this. Done!

    Meet them head on: Mehh… I could never bring myself to love this theme.

    Winners: This is not a song!

    Motavia Village: This is basically "Inn", faster, different instruments. Meh.

    Now on sale: Hahahha. No.

    Terrible sight: Terrible song.

    Thray: Yes, this is one I also really like. With good instruments, it would be awesome.

    Tonoe de pon: I swear to remix this one day, when I will be really bored and tired. And drunk.

    In the cave: Is where this song should stay.

    Defeat at a blow: Better than the simple battle theme, this could be remixable. I dunno.

    A happy settlement: I'm sorry. This song is straight out of a cheesy porn-anime.

    Behind the circuit: Pawafuuuul. This will happen, someday. Not a priority.

    Fal: Straight out of cheesy anime-porn, part deux. It's all in the instrument choice people.

    Pain: This could be remixed as part of something else and bigger. Has great potential.

    Her last breath: Mixed with "Pain", would make a really decent remix. Choirs. Yup.

    Organic Beat: This could be mixed with "Behind the circuit" for some heavy awesomeness.

    PS1 Argm 1: I'd rather remix the original.

    PS1 Argm 2: I'd rather remix the original.

    Machine center: Maybe part of some happy PS4 Medley. Maybe.

    Land Master: Maybe. I sorta like it but I can't imagine it remixed.

    Cybernetic Carnival: I sorta like it but I can't imagine it remixed.

    Black Blood: Ehh…. No. this isn't music, it's crappy sound effects packed together.

    Laughter: Yes. The single most PS4 remixable track. That is all.

    Take off Landeel: Maybe. Hard to say. Not now that's for sure.

    Red Alert: No. this isn't music, it's crappy sound effects packed together.

    Dezoris field 1: What a terrible, boring song… Bleh.

    Dezoris town 1: Meh. No. Too sleepy.

    Jijy no rag: Eh… I'd play this on the flute to entertain myself but I'd never remix this.

    Dezo Field 2: Could be part of some bigger mix, maybe.

    Dezo town 2: Ehh… too sweet, getting cavities.

    Requiem for Lutz: I guess. This is a staple song for the game. I'd remix it but much later.

    Dezoris de don: haah hahaha hahah. Nice try.

    Temple Ngangbius: Too Japanese, not enough Phantasy Star. Terrible song.

    King of Terror: This is not a song, it's a glorified loop.

    Ryucross Field: Behhh… Not a bad track but never hit the spot for me.

    Tower: Now THIS is a bad track. Seriously… I miss Bo and Ippo…

    Age of Fables: I can see this happening but it's very far in the queue.

    Edge of darkness: This song is why the other dimension needs to remained closed.

    Abyss: WHAT AN EPIC TRACK! IT MAKES ME WANT TO zzzzZzzzzzZzzZzz…..

    Ooze: Slow start but eventually gets catchy. With enough effort, this could become a monster of a mix.

    Promising future P1: PS4 had a weak epilogue because it's ending music was shallow and BORING.

    Promising future P2: Same as Above with MORE CAPITAL LETTERS. (Seriously, I could use this as an opportunity and mix the two together and make a REAL ending music)

    Staff Roll: Intro, slower. Next.

    "Pao Pao": Is the sound my head will make while I hit it on concrete for even thinking of remixing this.

That being said: I have no clear idea of what will my next remix be. There are 2-3 likely candidates. One thing is for sure, my ears need a change from techno.


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PostPosted: Mon Jul 5, '10, 8:41 pm 
I don't have much to add except "yay!" Some of my favorites are earmarked as "next projects" and I'm with you on PSIV's soundtrack. A lot of the music is uninspiring, and the remixed dungeon tune from PSI is actually grating. Seriously, way too loud. "Behind the Circuit" is probably my favorite PSIV tune. "Meeting Rune" is a good one, too. The overworld theme would sound nice given a Maurice Jarre movie theme makeover.

I would like to hear more remixes of PSIII music. I want to like PSIII's music more, but the instruments that were chosen... wow. Bad. Just bad.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 5, '10, 9:00 pm 
For me, I would like to see a good remix of both the stone and mechcnical dungeon as you call them. Both are the same thing but with less "instrument" in the mechanical one.

The overall music is quite short, that's why I would like to see a remix just to see how much better it can become, because even if it's short, the dungeons theme in PSIII always made a big impact on me. So by mixing the two versions, and creating new part two, this could become something really out-of-this world.

Quote:Battle start / Battle end / Game over: One does not remix 2 seconds long loops.

Did you ever listened to some of the remix in the Saturn Phantasy Star Collection? They actually remade the 2 seconds-music loop from Phantasy Star III battle start...when I first heard it, I was wondering if it was serious, or a self-awared with full of sarcasm joke....

PostPosted: Wed Jul 7, '10, 2:49 pm 
Just so you know, my two actual contenders are Silent Zone from PS2 and Field Motavia from PS4.

Strong possibility that I do them in parallel.

Do not expect techno or high energy mixes for those. Not saying it won't happen, but seeing the nature of the track, it is unlikely.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 7, '10, 10:25 pm 
I'd give the green light for Field Motavia, Aero. It was one of the few tunes in PS4 that I actually loved. In fact, out of all the 48 or so 'tracks', I only have 3 favourites:

-Field Motavia
-Motavia Town
-Her Last Breath ^^

And I absolutely agree with you that I love PS3's Town Theme to death as well.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, '10, 9:33 pm 
Base tracks and concepts for Silent Zone and Field Motavia have been completed.

Let the remixing begin.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, '10, 9:39 pm 
=D Can't wait Aero. ^_^

PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, '10, 10:21 pm 
Wehay! I'm looking forward to Field Motavia in particular. Do a remix of the town music in PS III and I will...well I'll be chuffed to bits anyway. :D

PostPosted: Fri Aug 13, '10, 5:02 am 
Sounds interesting.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 6, '10, 3:16 am 
I was asked what I was working on lately.

Here's a very preliminary example.

Keyword = preliminary.

Edit: Removed the link, your ears deserve better than this.

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