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PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 12:26 am 
Reading this relieves me enormously, thank you!! I really love what I do and the music I make but this goes beyond remixing something that was made by a professional composer; this is all me, you know? The bias was dangerous: I think Awaken is awesome but it's obviously because I wrote it, I had no idea how someone else with a musical background would react.

I shared some of my work with the people who used to play on my EOTA board but not this song, it wasn't advanced enough to share by then. The general reaction was favorable of course, that's what friends do, but there was not much discussion beyond an initial "hey cool, I like it" because either some were not really musically knowledgeable while others simply did not really like that sort of music, which is fine of course, to each his own.

Aaaanyways, quickly going off topic here. I'm trying to understand your description and I think that for the most part, I get what you mean. Allow me to be cheesy and go with:

Quote:I think art's gotta come from the heart!

Pretty much where Awaken came from.

I have plenty more if you want. (And that of course is not only for Bragatyr, you guys really feel free to jump in!)

PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 11:08 pm 
I will definitely be there to check out anything else you throw at us, and I know what you mean, it's hard to get people interested in original music, which is a shame, because a lot of work goes into it. I've found that, like you said, most people don't have a really personal connection with music, it's more of a social thing for a lot of people. Good music is apparently for mad scientists, ha ha.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 11:17 pm 
Spot on as ever, my friend.

In the Metal music topic, we're currently discussing mood. Well speaking of mood music, check Angel's Mercy on my website. It's a little piece done for one of my Dungeons and Dragons game, I wanted the players to feel like "This calls for so much retribution that even angels are gonna step in now."

Yeah. Mood music works.

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