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 Post subject: Adult Coloring Books
PostPosted: Thu Jun 9, '16, 10:29 pm 
This may be a silly topic, but I was wondering if anyone else had seen or heard of the coloring books for Adults! These are coloring books for adults, or probably anyone for that matter, to color in using coloring pencils probably. I have heard that they are a lot of fun and that they are great stress relievers also. Here is a link where I found some online: ... 9Z8q8Z2cp8

I saw some at my local Walmart store last week when I was shopping also.

What does everyone think of these coloring books? Has anyone here ever tried them?

Do you think they might make good Christmas gifts?

I always loved to color myself so I think I might like one of these, and then I thought about buying some for other family members for Christmas, but not sure if they would like them or not.

What does everyone think?

 Post subject: Re: Adult Coloring Books
PostPosted: Thu Jun 9, '16, 10:54 pm 
I've seen a few of these around stores in Boston. They definitely have much more intricate designs than coloring books oriented for kids and I am familiar with the report stress relief benefits of them. Haven't tried one myself, though...if I feel artistic, I get out a sketchbook, but that's me.

 Post subject: Re: Adult Coloring Books
PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, '16, 6:41 pm 
I love the idea of coloring books since I can't draw worth anything. :lol: So I get the joy of coloring without the angst of actual creativity.
But I actually don't like most of the mosaic pictures that they sell as "adult coloring." I would really like to color a picture of plain scenery and letting the colors tell the story, such as coloring an ocean or a sky.

Before I heard of the adult coloring book craze, I found a book called "Coloring for Grown-ups". It's a cynical, but comical activity book that parodies kids' coloring books. It's really funny--but kind of depressing. XD

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