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PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, '14, 1:07 am 
Perfect. Brazilians' favorite sport is to complain that every competition a Brazilian finishes second was rigged and building up conspiracy theories on why the Brazilians were bribed to lose.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, '14, 3:39 pm 
Aeroprism wrote: Why are there only about 50 civilians on the entire planet of Mota?

Zio says: as the game progresses becomes that it is clear that mother brain was making the population of Algol week and dependent on the system, and also imposing stricter and tighter controls as time is passed upon the people, but then means of assuming only destroying the population although that is never stated, it is stated that entire planet was destroyed.

Bio monsters easily would take out a portion of the population, people not being able to defend themselves because they would not have the skills required because the had no purpose in needing to work; and being able to clone themselves, might not see any point in reproducing; or at least some sort of eugenic protocol may have been in place; it is stated that Rolf was from an affluent family who was a single child, and this is per the compendium, and also we do not know exactly when, but we do now that part of Parma hit Mota, also knocking out part of the population. That is all within the game. Now after the game, assuming the during the "great collapse,” The Compendium also mentioned not a specific number of people, but rather a specific percentage, 90% of the people perished after The Great Collapse. so who knows when exactly it happened, we just know the population was reduced greatly, and while it does not state that it was 90% of Mota or Algol altogeth one could believe that 50 people remaining would be a possible number aftermath of the 90% at least on Malta, estimated, give or take.

Aeroprism wrote:Why is Mota consistently warmer than Palm ays: a planet' s warmth is determined by more than just the distance to the sun which it revolves around. There are well, first we do have,, Palm had an elliptical orbit; this would definitely cause climate and planetary changes. Normally we could also talk about the satellite, a real satellite, like a moon, causing factors of gravity which affects waters and thus also affect the global distribution of warmth. And there is also more than just a number of ecological factors than only this, such at a number of ecological factors, the composure of gases in the atmosphere, such as the existence of plates tectonics and the actual composure of the core of the planet itself. Finally, Mota has been terraformed and Internet has also subsequently been undone, and again chunk of a planet hit. It is well. And then the orbits had switched also prior to the year 1284. To go into ecology, or the astrophysics, or any of these specialized fields would take me an extremely long and boring post which I am not qualified for.

And while the planet might have a class M environment, there is surely a spectrum of how accommodating a planet can be. A desert planet, accommodating? Nice planet, accommodating? Perhaps once upon a time, these planets a different class other than what they are now; I am not a physicist nor astronomer, nor Astroecologist. So who knows, perhaps I am wrong. And my understanding of science on a basic level is flawed as well.

[Quote =" AeroprismAeroprism"]How is it possible for three M class planets to exist in the same star system, all providing near optimum life conditions, gravity and breathable atmospheres?
see above. You can have a class M planet with features of other classes

Zio says: Of course mostly everything above is more in reference to Mota rather than Parma, since that is where the hero is from. My only guess about Palm is that before the year 845, I believe, when the orbits switched, there must have been something about the plants composure of gases and essential life-sustaining elements, and its possibly elliptical orbit that allowed it to maintain some sort of homeostasis compatible life. Perhaps before settling on some sort of normalcy within Algol, may be over millions of years, Palm had a class Q distinction.

I mostly surprise about the Dezo I really do not feel that it is a class M planet and if so, it is barely so, and probably relatively young, and terms of planetary age. which has no actual to my knowledge, bodies of water that are not frozen, being able to sustain life. If you stay within ice or water that is below 32 Fahrenheit or zero Celsius, for more than 30 minutes, youre daed, and 30 minutes is a optimistic view. besides that, maybe that guy was not lying when he said staying too long on this planet makes your body rot"

In all three games, over the millions of years or whatever, the organisms have evolved to live in the environment there planets provide.

What I ponder is capable of sustaining life and being noted as is habitable. Perhaps it is artificial, much in the same way that Air Castle circa 2284.


Zio Says: now Alyssa and company based her whole diet on junk food of hamburgers and and cakes. Surely that kind of junk food is not good for a teenage girl, much less anyone in the party, but we do know that game, that there are sewers, so one must imagine that they put their sewage and their hopefully only after dungeon crawling.

And while Rolf and company do not really be much, there waste from the food they do not taken in, may not be added equilibrium of energy in equating the waste produced, or in their case, not produced.
However, now correct me if I am wrong, but Shir states very frequently during Phantasy Star II: "I felt the wind calling…”— I take this the same way as hearing "I will have to check my makeup, so I will be right back" or "oh I have to powder my nose” or quite simply, that she is being politely yet obviously telling people that she is very gassy.

This is all in over analyzed jest, I have a habit it of countering things that actually agree with just for the sake of joking around. When you think about it all 1 million times, it all becomes the giant joke no matter what kind of rationalization of the real world we try to apply to a fake game in fake worlds, etc. After all, as Aeroprism alluded, biological needs are funny, including the idea of sewers and toilet humor.

happy holidays guys.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, '14, 5:35 pm 
Your post makes me want to reevaluate my life.

Someone please hug me.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, '14, 7:08 pm 
* hugs him *

Zio, you just de-romanticized Shilka's phrase... :melodramatic:

Now I cannot unthink the wind = gas relationship... :down:

PostPosted: Thu Dec 25, '14, 4:58 am 
Aw, you're welcome guys. Tis the season to be giving after all.

I re-read my post, and man, I suppose proofreading is indeed required even with voice dictation. How embarrassing.

Its almost Christmas day here; I guess I feel the wind calling.

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