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PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, '14, 2:30 pm 
Shen-FN-Woo wrote:Phantasy Star II:
- Darum: Alright. One guy. One inter island connection tube. He's blocking it. There's three of you, there's one of him (Did I mention this already? :P ). He's a swordsman. You have a swordsman, a gunner, and an experimental humanoid weapon. Sense please.
He has explosives strapped to him. Maybe he has hostages (it says in the game that he's robbing and killing people who enter the bridge). Maybe he knows megid. The real problem is that Rolf hand delivers Teim to her father.

Quote:- Earthmen/Terrans: They had the weaponry, the technology, and enough force to simply take, use and abuse the Algol solar system as they saw fit. So why, with the extorting edge they had would they go about seizing the Algol solar system the most roundabout way in storytelling history anyone has ever seen? What was the point of creating such massive satellites and terraforming technology to aide the inhabitants and make them lethargic when the end goal was to take it from them anyway, especially since such plans could've easily backfired? Why didn't they just do that first and fix things later? Palmans, Motavians, and Dezolizians were of no threat to them.
It's a lot more useful for usurpers to brainwash millions and billions of people into submission than to decimate most of the population, their buildings and technology. Otherwise they'd be ruling over a wasteland.

Quote:It is also not stated as to why they want to simply take the planets rather than simply coexist with their inhabitants.
Tyrants think their own rules are the best rules and would rather live by them than submit.

Quote:Well, we already get the idea that they're evil, having PROBABLY been corrupted by Dark Force and all, and aren't operating on sane minds, but if they're sane enough to do what they've been able to so far, they're definitely competent enough to learn from their mistakes.
If the Terrans are corrupted by DF, I don't think one can assume that they're "sane enough" to learn from their mistakes.

Quote:The motivating driving factor behind these people seems very weak, and not very sound at all.
The goal of the Terrans was to take over Algol, which they did. They only started destroying the planets once there was a strong enough threat to their rule. The script is a bit awkward, but the Terrans basically say at the end, "If we can't have Algol, then NO ONE will have Algol." Seems legit to me.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, '14, 3:10 pm 
Shen-FN-Woo wrote:Now, some solutions that I've come up with:


Upon entering the Algolian system, there was something there that they noticed that they were jealous of.... afraid of. This was the ability known of as Magic.
You're probably not going to want to hear this, but I think a modern adaption of PSII should downplay the existence of magic, if not scrap it completely. The scenario you describe is complicated. I'm not saying it wouldn't make an interesting story, it could very well be a page-turner of a genre novel. However, as the plot of a video game, I'm not sure it works. Even modern games are best when they have simple, linear narratives, like the kind you learn about in 4th grade: Exposition (setting, characters), problem, action, climax, resolution. Games can still have broader themes (I'm glad Parma Ham brought that up), but I don't think those broader themes work well when they become a bunch of micro-plots during gameplay.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, '14, 4:14 pm 
Triple post! Ah! :wow_luigi:

Zio_Falz wrote:* I'm pretty keen on biology and genetics, but I still dont understand why Nei dies if her twin dies too.
Yeah, that's a noodle scratcher.

Quote:* How can Rolf not recall a person from a tragic event 10 years ago? Who saved his life. If anything, he wouldnt forget it.
Repression of an extremely traumatic event. Rolf might have been unconscious through the entire event, and Lutz just dropped Rolf off at the orphanage and warped back to Hogwarts.

Quote:*Why would thieves lock their items and money in a very dangerous place--to them?
Shure might have originally been a safe, secure location but was breached by biomonsters who quickly overran the entire building.

Quote:* I wonder at what point in the game the military stopped paying Rolf his paychecks. They even condemn him to death---but they dont dare put surveillance on his house a 5 minute walk from HQ. If anything, it woulda been a guaranteed arrest for Shir, the only one with a prior record.
I figure the Commander is doing a *lot* of behind the scenes work to keep the military away from Rolf when he's in town. He's probably slipping him some cash under the table. What I don't get is why Rolf gets meseta for busting up government property (the robots). He sells them for scrap?

Also, has Shir ever been caught? Perhaps she doesn't have a record.

Quote:Phantasy Star IV:
*how most if not all of Algol forgot Rolf and co's ultimate sacrifice (and a much harder fight) but they dont forget about sweet ole' Alis. Shucks.
Who, besides Lutz, knew Rolf and his team saved Algol? At some point, Rolf stopped communicating with the Commander, so maybe word just didn't get out. The remaining citizens of Algol might have had a complicated view of Rolf's deeds. In the time Rolf was saving Algol, he was branded a terrorist and traitor, Palma went kaboom, Motavia lost most of its climate-controlling systems, and most of Algol's technology was lost. Some years later, a piece of Palma slams into Motavia and kills off even more of the population. Maybe enough people continued to believe they were better off under the Mother Brain network. Maybe people just didn't know about Rolf's final sacrifice.

Quote:*What did the espers do with the cryonic machine? somebody must have still had it.
It was probably deemed obsolete with the creation of the Lutz Ball 2000. Also, there may not have been enough power to keep the machine online.

Quote:* Rune says he chose chaz to fight for algol, but obviously chaz is some sort of relation to rolf, from his blonde side of the family, which means he too is a Landale and thus couldnt have been chosen by Rune since it was fate regardless.
Wait, what? I don't remember Chaz being descended from the Landale clan.

Quote:* If the great evil is defeated at the end of the game, is it not logical for the 2 robots, err, androids, to just shut off and die?
They were going to continue monitoring Motavia's weather systems until the systems failed or the people no longer needed them. A noble thing to do. Plus, Wren and Demi seemed to have enough humanity that perhaps they didn't want to shut down.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, '14, 9:17 pm 
Oooh! Oooh! I can do that too! Story inconsistencies should absolutely be hunted down!

Let's see...

Why is Rolf able to throw fireballs with his hand?
Better yet: why does killing over-sized insects enable Rolf to use even bigger fireballs?

Right? Right??

Nah, just kidding. Here are the real questions.

Why are there only about 50 civilians on the entire planet of Mota?

Why is Mota consistently warmer than Palm if it's farther from Algo?

How is it possible for three M class planets to exist in the same star system, all providing near optimum life conditions, gravity and breathable atmospheres?


It's a video game, people. Play it, enjoy it and stop losing sleep over Rudo's shoe size.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, '14, 9:26 pm 
Aeroprism wrote:It's a video game, people. Play it, enjoy it and stop losing sleep over Rudo's shoe size.
Rudo HAS to be a size 18 US. I won't believe anything else.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, '14, 1:43 am 
I would never lose sleep over someone's shoes size, but I certainly did lose sleep over female character measurements.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, '14, 2:32 am 
tilinelson2 wrote:I would never lose sleep over someone's shoes size, but I certainly did lose sleep over female character measurements.

Shir: For the last time, I'm not flat-chested! Next person to say so gets their keyboard stolen. >_<

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, '14, 8:40 pm 
Aeroprism wrote:How is it possible for three M class planets to exist in the same star system, all providing near optimum life conditions, gravity and breathable atmospheres?

That's because it's a phantasy star system.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, '14, 9:11 pm 
Solar wins the thread; Tili's a close second.

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