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 Post subject: Addams Family theme song
PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, '09, 7:01 pm 
Anyone here remember the old tv series "The Addams Family" starring John Astin (as Gomez Addams), Carolyn ??? (as his wife, Morticia Addams), Jackie Coogan (as Uncle Fester), Lurch, their butler, and the Addams children Wednesday and Pugsley???? Remember the Addams Family theme song? It was a unique and memorable theme song and once you heard it, you probably found it hard to forget it.

Well, the guy who wrote the Addams Family theme song has died:

Interesting that he also wrote a song for "Spiderman2".

Condolences to his family. :tombstone:

Anyway, here's a link to "The Addams Family" theme song, if you need your memory refreshed a bit: ... family.htm

A perfect song for Halloween. :yes:

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