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PostPosted: Sun Dec 1, '13, 11:27 am 
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The actor best known for the Fast and the Furious movies died in a fiery car crash, as a passenger. He was 40 years old. I still watch the original Fast and Furious movie from time to time, but I was not a big fan of any of the sequels.

PostPosted: Mon Dec 2, '13, 2:24 am 
Sad news. May he rest in peace. Still trying to remember where I know him best from. His face is so familiar and I recognize him from somewhere or some thing (a movie or tv?) but it's not the Fast and Furious stuff I'm pretty sure of that. Prayers going out to his 15 year old daughter and any other family. He was so young to die. :tombstone: :rose:

PostPosted: Mon Dec 2, '13, 11:55 am 
More details revealed in this video. ... 45491.html

PostPosted: Mon Dec 2, '13, 10:04 pm 
Finally figured out where I remember him from. It was the movie "Eight Below" or something like that. Very good movie. I also read he was in the daytime soap opera "The Young & The Restless" for awhile. I may have seen him on there too.

Reading about him and watching the videos, I was very impressed on finding out about the foundation he had started to help people in need. Tells a lot about a person when they do things such as that to help others. He will certainly be missed by many people.

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