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PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, '10, 7:41 pm 
Is this really supposed to be Aukba/Akuba? I thought it was weird, to me it seemed like that town got destroyed and then a new town became established.

Now it seems more that it may be the same place, because it isn't even bothered to be explained. But does the location in both games really work out?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, '10, 9:53 pm 
In terms of locations on the maps, it doesn't make sense to me. But then, neither do the relative placements of Zosa or Ryuon between PSII and PSIV. Esper Mansion seems to be in the same place, but the others I'm not sure about.

I think the idea of the towns moving would be the best explanation.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, '10, 5:53 am 
So it would seem the Garuberk Tower isn't the only thing that changes locations on Dezolis. Curious. I guess it is easiest to say that (rather than something like the surface changed due to rapid tectonics).

Also it's kind of weird to think that Skure doesn't seem to be anywhere in PSIV. Yes it was abandoned, but it was a pretty important place that might've been nice to see again (and a more pleasant experience than in PSII). But I guess we got to see that crashed ship on Motavia in its stead.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, '10, 10:38 am 
Well it has been 1000 years since the events of PS II. A lot can change in that time, which probably did. Plus I doubt the consistency of villages and towns placements was high on the list of things to do. :D

PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, '10, 3:28 am 
Yeah I guess you're right.

Jut probably had that name in Japanese as well, since SoA tended to keep the names of places pretty similar.

Still bugs me a bit... But then again no explanation is given for what happened with Twintown from PS later in PSII. It could be an entirely different place.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 10:29 pm 
Looking at the maps, the biggest problem that sounds out to me is the disappearance of Skure and that huge hole in the surface. My best guess is that, like Motavia, Dezo was struck by bits of Palma. That would have kicked up a lot of snow and ice, which could have fallen and filled that hole. It could have also forced the towns to move.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 10:35 pm 
Since Skure was man made and in disuse, it could have easily disappeared in 1,000 years, right? They have to constantly dig out the facilities on Antarctica in order for them to remain above the ice and snow. Actually, I think they built new facilities on stilts that use air flow to direct snow drifts under or around the buildings.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, '13, 9:02 pm 
The original name for “Twintown” (PS1overseas) and “Aukba” (PS2overseas) is アウクバル (aukubaru). The name may be a direct reference to Ackbar (a.k.a. アクバー, akuba^ or アクバル, akubaru, in Japanese which is another way to spell Akbar). The Admiral Ackbar was the Star Wars character featured in the famous “It’s a trap!” scene.

Interestingly, Myaw was our “Admiral” in the game, because he was the one that warned us if the floor or the chest was “a Trap!” or “not a trap!”. In any case, the Twintown (Auckbar) was the only town where we should avoid being tricked by Dezorisians’ entrapment Information. I can imagine talking to the wrong Dezorisians while Adm. Ackbar saying “It’s a trap!”. So "Aukbar" (PSjp) = "Akubar" (SWjp)...


Regarding to Aukbar (Twintown/Aukba) being Jut, I never heard that in the game. I’m assuming what lead you to think Auckbar may be Jut is the fact that in PS2 there are only 3 Dezorian towns in the game: (Ryuon, Zosa and Ackbar) and in PS4 there are also only 3 tows (Ryuon, Zosa and Jut) and Jut is symmetrical like Ackbar in PS1 (but in PS2 is not even symmetrical).

The town of “Jut” is localized near Gunbious, a temple that was erected where the old Corona Tower was 2000 years prior. Although PS1 Dezomap is wrapped everywhere, I don’t think we can’t make it near Corona. However I can tell that in PS2 Dezomap, Auckbar is at North of Sucre (Skure) and it should be more or less where that pink dot is (btw, orange dot would be “Menobe” and green dot “Naval” dungeons).


Another example (using the unreleased “Monitor” of PS4):
Green dot = Auckbar Town (Twintown/Aukuba)
Red dot = Menobe Dungeon
Blue dot = Ikuto Dungeon
Blue dot = Naval Dungeon

Even PS1 map can make sense with other games if we see it upside down. Just rotate it at 180 degrees and you’ll have:
Note: Since it is a wrapped map in every direction, I cleaned the repeated locations (this had rules, strictly obeyed, because repeating or crossing the “same” paths would be cheating – every pixel shown is not repeated nor missing).

The result was interesting because we can get Auckbar at north of Skure, Guaron Dungeon at the right of Skure and Corona Tower in the same position of Temple Ngumbious, just like in PS2 and PS4 Dezo maps. Even the forest where we used the Eclipse Torch matches with the forest (now corrupted) where we also had to use the same Eclipse Torch (off topic: maybe Garuberk Force was seeded and corrupted the Laerma Tree at the center… who knows?).

So, concluding:
- we don’t have a single hint that Jut is Auckbar;
- Ackbar is not charted (that does not mean it doesn’t exist in AW2284 – the party just didn’t need to go there)
- There are at least 4 dezorisian towns: Auckbar, Xhosa, Luon and Jut (although there may be much more)
- it is possible that I may be missing something.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, '13, 6:16 pm 
What do you mean by a map being "wrapped?" It might be something totally obvious, but my brain simply doesn't see it right now (also English is not my primary language so it actually might be an expression I'm unfamiliar with).

PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, '13, 8:18 pm 
Fogeltje wrote:What do you mean by a map being "wrapped?" It might be something totally obvious, but my brain simply doesn't see it right now (also English is not my primary language so it actually might be an expression I'm unfamiliar with).
It was a poor choice of words. Maybe it was not the correct way to say it. What I wanted to mean is that Dezo map repeats itself not only horizontally like in PS4, but also vertical. So, if we are in Skure and had a plane we could go up, down, left or right or in diagonal and Skure would appear again and again.

Dezolis map in a screen:

"Full" map:

The usually "walkthrough" map:

So, if we can do that "walktrough" map maybe we could do a "PS2&PS4 compatible" map, in the same way (should we place Twintown in the left... or in the right? or at south of skure?... Of course the "walktrough" map was made to represent the in-game walking path.

There should be many possibilities and maybe it's not obligatory to rotate it to make those places match. (but if we rotate the map, Gumbius, Guaron, Skure and Aukuba(Twintown) will match better with latter games, IMO)

"PS2&PS4 compatible" map (before rotate it)

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