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Chapter Sixteen: Taking what’s Mine!

“I think you’ve put this girl through enough. It’s time to let her go!” Re-Faze ordered
“Hehe, don’t you threaten me Re-Faze you're well aware what I can do to you gods” The Profound Darkness replied snakily.
“To bad for you at the present time you lack the strength you need to overpower me” Re-Faze replied turning the table once again.
“Is that the old guy you kept talking about?” Will asked walking closer to Autumn who was watching the two entities talking.
“Yeah, well I mean it was I had no idea he was a god though. I suppose it makes sense him being able to contact me” she replied
“Well at least he’s on our side”

“So what’s it going to be!” Re-Faze shouted in a frustrated voice
The Profound Darkness never answered.
“You dark beings all sicken me and to think you’re the leader of the bunch as well. But what amazes me the most is how you happened to get your ugly hide out of our seal. Care to explain that as well?”
“You’ll find out in time how I got out no doubt. I have no intention to spill my guts to a pathetic god like you. And fine if you want her so bad you can come get her!” The Profound Darkness replied
“Fine by me! Elisa this might hurt but only for a second” suddenly Re-Faze shot into Elisa’s body it happened extremely fast the Profound Darkness wouldn’t have even had a chance to outrun the god. Two different beings were now inside the seventeen-year old girl.
Elisa began shaking she placed both hands on her head and her body began to jolt back and forth violently as though it was going to break apart. She began screaming in pain for once it was her voice and not the Profound Darkness’s escaping her mouth. Suddenly black and purple aura began getting pushed out her back. It seemed endless it just kept going.
“Oh my god!” replied Autumn who was watching the Profound Darkness’s aura being pushed out of her friends body. “You poor girl Elisa, all that evil inside you”
The aura began to swirl around and collect itself in a big bunch in the air above Elisa’s body. Finally the last strip of evil exited her back and joined the large swirling mass that originally entered her.
Elisa seemed to light up bright orange and Re-Faze exited as well. Elisa then began to fall forward unconscious.
“Elisa!” Autumn shouted running forward and catching her in her arms.
“Hey Autumn be careful” Will shouted
Autumn then looked up and seen the huge mass of evil energy above her.
“Aut…Autumn” Elisa managed to choke out
“Elisa, just rest I got you it’s okay” Autumn reassured her
“No…no it’s not okay…he’s still here, he’s been watching us” she replied
“Who, Re-Faze?” she asked looking at the protective god who was starring down the Profound Darkness.
“No…no…him” Elisa replied weakly point her trembling arm in the direction behind Autumn.


Everyone slowly turned around and the entire room went dead silent. Before them the huge hulking body of Dark Force stood his evil eyes staring everyone in the room down.
“I should have known!” Re-Faze replied disappointed.
“Wha…what in the world…is that?” asked Autumn who now seemed to be frozen in terror
“Tha…That can’t be” Will stammered out he was also frozen with fear.
“We…have…to, we have to run Autumn, he’s to strong for us” Elisa whispered in her weak voice.
(“If only I could find the strength to run Elisa”) Autumn thought to herself still frozen by the presence of Dark Force
“That would explain why this planet seemed as though it was weeping a few minutes ago. Your release” Re-Faze piped up “So tell me Dark Force does the scar of her divine strength still hurt your back?”
Dark Force suddenly looked over his shoulder and seen a huge gash running the entire way down his back. It scarred a black line on his husky body.


“Alis be careful!” shouted a fiery looking god
“Le-Roof, I can handle this devil. He has no place in this solar system” the young girl replied holding a long glowing blue sword in her hand. She then turned her attention up toward the huge beast.
“You simple minded creatures overreach yourselves!” Dark Force replied
“Silence!” Alis shouted furiously. Holding her sword out to her side she began frantically shaking it up and down as though it was charging with spiritual energy.
“What’s this?” Dark Force exclaimed eyeing off the girl’s actions
“Ha!” Alis shouted she then swung the blade outward but never let go of it. Instead the blue energy seemed to release itself from her sword into five separate strips. The strips of energy floated around the room and then came spiralling down slicing in all directions through Dark Force’s body.
“Graauugh!” Dark Force shouted in pain as the energy cut into his tough body “How is that possible? Injured by a simple human” he shouted out frustrated. “You won’t escape me!” he shouted slashing out at Alis with his monstrous hand.
Alis simply jumped on the back of his hand then she leapt up onto Dark Force’s head.
“Alis you know what to do!” Le-Roof shouted who seemed to be spectating the dangerous battle.

Alis nodded a confirming nod, she the raised her slender sword high into the air it began to glow a magnificent blue again. “Dark Force, creature to the mother of darkness this is for what you’ve done to our solar system, our families, our friends. This is your punishment by the hands of a human. I want you to remember my name, remember the name Alis Landale!” she heroically spoke out still standing on the creature’s head.
“Like hell!” he replied
Suddenly Alis turned her sword upside down and holding it with both her hands she speared it into the top of Dark Force’s head.
“Raaaoooor” Dark Force shouted in pain purple blood began spraying from his open mouth.
Alis then turning around and looking down the beast’s back grabbed the sword and sliced all the way down cutting a huge scar into the creatures husk. This attack was going to make him weak enough to seal away.


“She was quite an amazing human wasn’t she?” Re-Faze replied siding with Alis’s past event “She even had the strength to leave a huge scar on the son of darkness himself. So what do you have to say for yourself?” Re-Faze asked trying to make Dark Force feel worthless.
Dark Force then turned his attention back toward everyone. Then ignoring everything Re-Faze just said he replied in an evil and overpowering voice “I transcend all things!” he then raised his huge claw into the air it began glowing a bright yellow and suddenly a shower of lighting emerged from his palm. The lighting shot out in all directions showering the room exploding rocks and destroying the place.

Everything suddenly slowed down for Autumn who was still holding her weak friend. She watched as a long large strike of lighting shot out of Dark Force’s hand and exploded right next to her. She saw Will start frantically shouting at her, but the words were coming out all fuzzy. It was as though she was being forced to watch the place be torn apart. Autumn never really knew how strong a creature of darkness could be not until now anyway. Then she saw a final lightning bolt come heading her way everything went white.


“Will she be all right?” a familiar female voice asked
“She’ll pull through it seems she fainted in state of shock. I guess she never really knew what she was up against” another familiar male voice replied
“Hey Autumn, wakey wakey” the girl spoke once again.
Autumn slowly began opening her eyes. Everything then came too and she seen Elisa looking down at her.
“Huh, Elisa” she spoke out kind of confused. She then began sitting up slowly realising everyone was outside in the desert, it was day time, and the land rover was next to them.
“Oh thank goodness!” Elisa exclaimed she threw her arms around Autumn practically knocking her back down into the sand. “Thank you for coming to rescue me” she replied emotionally with tears running down her face.
Autumn then realised they were safe she then wrapped her arms around Elisa and hugged her. “It’s good to see you again, I can’t imagine the things you must have gone through” Autumn replied
“I don’t want to talk about it” Elisa said still squeezing Autumn tightly
Autumn then looked over Elisa’s shoulder and seen Will giving her a thumbs up.
She smiled at him in return. “Hey Elisa you don’t need to cry anymore. Your safe now” Autumn reassured her upset friend
“I…I know” she sobbed, “I was so scared though”
Suddenly a brilliant light appeared before the three. They looked up and seen it was Re-Faze.
“Re-Faze” Autumn spoke out
The god then replied in a happy voice “It pleases me to see you are all okay”
“Re-Faze, uh, I mean sir. I assumed it was you who teleported the three of us out here” Will asked
“Yes Will it was I. I must have touched a sensitive spot in Dark Force he was unleashing to much destructive power, I knew my first priority as being a god was to save the children of the Great Light above all else”
“So what about Dark Force and the Profound Darkness?” Autumn asked the god
“They are both still alive. I managed to stun them when I teleported the three of you out here. It seems they left the Soldier’s Island I can no longer sense the presence of evil in that area” he answered. “It would do you well Autumn and Will to lie low for a while. For two reasons, to avoid being sussed out by those two again and your friend Elisa is currently wanted for several mass-murders she never committed. The last thing you need is an army of the Military’s Robotcops at your doorstep”


“Yes sir” both Autumn and Will replied acknowledging the god.
“We will no doubt meet again, for now I must return to my home planet Rykros to spread the word that Dark Force is out and we must think of a new approach to take down both dark beings. Take care children of the Great Light” Re-faze then vanished as quickly as he appeared.

Both hunters then turned their attention back to Elisa who seemed she fell asleep resting her head on Autumn’s shoulder.
Autumn smiled a warm smile at her. She then ran her fingers though Elisa’s bloodstained hair.
“You did good kiddo” Will replied “You said you’d get her back and here she is”
“Thanks for all your support Will, and the training, if you never trained me in the art of combat, I never would have stood a chance at all”
“Don’t mention it”
“But you were right, I never knew what I was up against. If Re-Faze never helped us out I could have gotten us both killed” Autumn replied thinking of the worst outcome
“I guess it’s a good thing, he was watching out for you” Elisa replied in a soft voice “Just like you used to watch out for me all the time”
“Your awake again” Autumn said out loud “Will and I are gonna take you back to his house. You’ll be able meet Hank and Isa they’re both Motavians too.” She replied excitedly “We’ll also get you some new clothes. This stupid orphanage rag is full of holes and blood. And I can see your belly button.” Autumn joked poking Elisa’s navel though a large hole in her dress with two fingers.
“Don’t Autumn you know I’m ticklish” Elisa giggled sitting up straight covering her stomach with both hands.
Will laughed then asked Elisa “Is there anything else you want?”
“Hmmm, maybe some food” she replied “I mean if it’s not to much trouble. Living off hatred didn’t taste very good”
“You never change” Autumn replied
“Huh?” Elisa seemed confused
“Your always to kind and don’t want to put anyone out. Well guess what it’s gonna be all about you for a very long time.”
“Isa is a great cook even though she doesn’t eat our kind of food. She’ll make you anything trust me” Will replied


Both girls climbed into the land rover. Will was about too as well but before he did he took one last look around then climbed in and slid the door shut.
“So it seems you found a few little girl friends, I’m amazed you're still alive…Will” a female voice replied that was spying on the group.
Suddenly the large orange dragon that stood behind her asked, “Is someone down there bothering you…Sparks?”


Accepting Fate: Elisa Saga = Concluded

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