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Chapter Fifteen: Crossing Paths (Part 2)

Autumn pulled herself out of the water and climbed up the small rocky cliff in front of her. Will followed behind her, although he seemed to be having more trouble as he was carrying a heavy bag on his back.
Autumn finally reached high ground she then turned and lent her hand down toward Will. He raised his arm and she grabbed it with both her hands and managed to pull him up.
“Thanks” Will replied as he climbed to his feet.
Autumn nodded flashing him a brief smile.
Both hunters were dripping with cold water.
Autumn then turned and looked at the temple only meters away from them. It had a very menacing feel to it.
“In there huh?” Will said also looking at the temple. “Now your absolutely sure about this?” he asked Autumn once again
“One-hundred percent” she replied confidently
“Well if she is in there, we should hurry up and get her out. What do you say?”
“I say your right!” Autumn said running toward the entrance.


Both hunters stepped inside the temple. It was very dark and being nighttime never helped either.
Will then stopped and unzipped the bag on his back he pulled out a small torch. When he turned it on it lit up the area quite well. Both hunters looked before them and seen they were inside a usual looking cave. The temple was above them but the old man told Autumn that Elisa was below them.
“Here take one” Will said throwing Autumn a handgun. “Careful it’s loaded”
Autumn held the gun firmly in her hand. “So this is really it huh, the reason why I became a hunter. To save Elisa” she told herself aloud
Will never seemed to hear her comment “Where to now?” Will asked walking closer to Autumn pointing the small torch at the ground lighting a path in front of them.
“We have to get underneath our feet. I was told there are underground levels. That’s where Elisa is”
“Better move then!” he said

Bother hunters frantically ran through the cave, their loud and frequent footsteps echoing the place out.
“See anything?” Will shouted to Autumn who was in front of him
“No, not yet. I’m expecting to find a set of stairs or something. Maybe even a huge hole in the ground” she replied still on the move frantically looking for an entrance to the lower levels.
Both hunters continued moving a little further into the cave then they reached a dead end.
“I don’t understand…” Autumn replied
Will then cut her short “Be careful, we’re not alone in this room” he said.
Will then shone the bright torch at the walls. The cave walls were covered in yellow fungus like monsters with multiple blue eyes called Shriekers.
“They know a terrible magic ability called strange light. Step back a little we don’t want to spook them” Will replied, taking a few steps away from the yellow moving wall that was coated with the creatures.
“Okay” Autumn simply replied. She never realised but she had the small handgun pointing straight at them in her hands.


“You hear that?” asked the Profound Darkness looking up at the ceiling.
“A human and a numan” Dark Force replied he could easily sense the hunters
“You want to have a little fun with them?” the Profound Darkness asked with a twisted grin spread across Elisa’s face.
Dark Force smirked then he seemed to turn invisible. His huge hulking body completely disappearing.
(“What are you doing?”) Elisa asked
“Having some fun” The Profound Darkness replied looking up at the ceiling. Holding out her hand purple energy began emerging and swirling around until it created a sphere shape. “Megid!” The Profound Darkness shouted throwing the dark energy orb at the roof.


Suddenly Will and Autumn felt a large vibration underneath them.
“Wha…” but before Will could finish his sentence the ground collapsed from under them. Both hunters fell a long way. Then landing on the hard ground underneath them.
“Ouch!” Autumn exclaimed pulling herself up. She looked behind her and seen her back had landed on a large and very uncomfortable looking boulder. “That’s going to bruise” she told herself
“Hey you alright kiddo?” Autumn turned and seen Will pulling himself to his feet.
“I’ve had worse injuries” she replied slowly standing up.
(“That voice, could it be”) Elisa thought to herself with a hopeful tone.
Both hunters then looked up and seen the huge hole above them.
“I wonder how we fell through, that ground was quite solid” Will asked
“That would be my doing!” a sinister female voice replied
Both hunters turned and seen a scraggy looking girl ahead of them. She had long untidy hair and was wearing a scrubby white dress full of large tears and what appeared to be blood stains. Her face looked mostly human except for the large fully red eyes and sharp fangs hanging from her open mouth.
Autumn’s eyes widened, she was in shock but was kind of amazed, she then managed to say out loud “Elisa?”
(“It really is Autumn, how did she get here. You have to let me go please. I have to talk to her!”) Elisa protested
The Profound Darkness ignored her and stared at the two hunters who stood in front of her.
“Who’d have thought I’d see you again. That helpful girl back on Palma. To bad you weren’t there to save your friend the first time” The Profound Darkness said trying to start trouble.
Autumn began squeezing the handgun she still had in her hand “You let her go now!”
“I’d rather not!” The Profound Darkness replied
Autumn then with both hands held the gun up pointing it straight at Elisa’s forehead.
(“Please don’t shoot, don’t shoot me Autumn”) Elisa thought to herself
The Profound darkness then began laughing hysterically.
“What the hell is so funny?” Autumn asked with a serious voice, still firmly holding the small loaded gun out in front of her.
“If you shoot me you’ll kill her” replied the Profound Darkness with a bit of a giggle.

“Hey I’ve had just about enough of this crap!” Will shouted. He now had two guns in his hands pointing them also at Elisa. His face had an angry look to it.
“Drop them!” The Profound commanded. The guns suddenly fell from Will’s hands and he had a tight grip on them as well.
“What, how…” he stammered. Will clearly never meant to drop them it was as though the Profound Darkness made him.
“Now stay!” Commanded the Profound Darkness yet again. Suddenly Will couldn’t move his body he was frozen solid as though he was now a large rock or something.
(“This is the strength a dark being possess. I had no idea!”) Autumn thought to herself astounded by what was happening.
“What the hell are you doing Autumn? Run, you have to get out of here!” Will said not being able to do anything.
“I’m not going anywhere!” she said in an angry voice turning her attention back to the Profound Darkness. “Now you let him go and give back my friend!” she demanded.

“Okay on one condition you drop your weapon too. Or will I have to make you. You clearly don’t want to shoot your friend dead do you?” said the Profound Darkness in a joking kind of voice.
Autumn then relaxed her grip and the gun fell to the ground it was still loaded. As it hit the ground the shock caused the bullet to fire out of the gun automatically. The small bullet zoomed straight past Elisa’s face.
“That was close” the Profound Darkness replied “Well I suppose I could give her back to you then”


Suddenly the red eyes began to fade and turn back to Elisa’s big brilliant blue human eyes, and the sharp teeth in her mouth began to retract and human teeth replaced them.
“Elisa!” Autumn exclaimed
Elisa realised she was in control of her body again she began opening and closing the palms of her hands. She then looked ahead and seen Autumn. “Autumn!” She shouted running to her.
Bother girls then ran and hugged holding their arms tightly around each other.
“I’m so glad your okay” Autumn said
“Thank you for coming to rescue me” said Elisa in an emotional voice.
Autumn then looked up at Elisa’s face only too see huge evil red eyes staring back at her with a smile full of sharp teeth.
“You monster!” shouted Autumn frantically trying to push herself away from the Profound Darkness who was now holding her.
“Hahahahah, did you hear that Elisa? Your best friend just called you a monster”
(“Stop it please, just stop it!”) Elisa shouted.
The Profound Darkness just ignored her. “Just relax there really is no need to escape me.”
Suddenly Autumn realised she couldn’t move either. The Profound Darkness was able to control her body completely.
“Let her go!” Will shouted who was still frozen in place.
“Silence!” shouted the Profound Darkness suddenly Will couldn’t open up his mouth to talk either.

“Now then what was it that you called me just a moment ago? Oh, yes a monster. Well dear I’m no monster, I’m what you people refer to as a dark being. We’re a little more twisted then monsters.” Suddenly Elisa’s tongue stuck out of her mouth and licked Autumn’s cheek.
“Eeeww, just stop it, let us go” Autumn replied
“I can taste the rage in your skin, its people like you who hold such hatred that make me so strong” replied the Profound Darkness still hugging Autumn’s body tightly. “Did you really think you could have saved your friend, saved her from the ruler of darkness itself. I guess I can give you points for trying, but now I’m going to have to make her kill you!”
Autumn’s eyes lit up with fear. She’d come so far only to see Elisa possessed by a dark being and now to get killed by her very hands.
(“No, I wont let you do this!”) Elisa protested once again (“Leave her alone!”)

Suddenly something caught the Profound Darkness’s attention. She turned and saw an old man standing in the cave he was leaning against a walking stick, and rubbing the small grey beard on his chin.

“How the hell did you get in here old man? I never even sensed your revolting human presence!”
The old man ignored the Profound Darkness’s question and eyed off Autumn. “It’s good to see you in the flesh again Autumn. Sorry, it took longer than I expected to get here” Suddenly the old man seem to burst into orange flame his human disguise completely vanished and formed that of a fiery sphere like shape with a large green crystal floating in his centre.
“Re-Faze!” shouted the Profound Darkness in shock. She then let go of Autumn and Will also suddenly realised he could move again.
“How dare you appear before me like this, you have no right to be here!” The Profound Darkness protested she actually sounded threatened by the god’s presence.
Re-Faze then replied in his godly voice “Neither do you!”
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