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Chapter Fourteen: Crossing Paths (Part 1)

(“What is that?”) Elisa asked her voice sounding very shrill and tremble.
The Profound Darkness then replied “That dear, is the Prophallus I’m proud to call my son. He was very different from the other Prophallus I created. He surpassed all their known limits and exceeded many more. He was even able to travel around the solar system while I was still imprisoned in the seal and do my bidding for me.”

The huge hulking beast towered over Elisa’s small body. It’s tough black skeletal skin reeked of evil. The upper half of its body was much bigger than it’s scrawny bottom half which appeared to float in mid air. Large horns stuck out of its beast-like head. Huge hands hung from its broad shoulders. They were massive and clearly looked like they had the power to crush anything that was foolish enough to get into its palms.

(“What are you going to do with it?”) Elisa then asked still in a frightened voice.
The Profound Darkness then made Elisa grin yet again. “We’re going to free him. We cannot see it, but, my little Dark Force has a barrier around his body. It doesn’t stop anyone else from entering but it stops him from doing anything. He’s been asleep long enough now don’t you think?”
(You…you shouldn’t do this. No you can’t do this!”) Elisa replied.
“But I want too!” The Profound Darkness simply replied followed by a brief evil laugh. “Poor Le-Roof to think he sacrificed himself to make this barrier and even with all his godly strength alone it was only strong enough to keep Dark Force from doing anything himself. Interference from the outside was nullified.”

The Profound Darkness then made Elisa raise her hand and she began levitating high into the air until she was inline with the sleeping beasts chest.
(“What are you doing with me?”) Elisa asked knowing she was now well off the ground below.
“Your kind of a key” she replied making Elisa’s outstretched hand touch the chest of Dark Force. Suddenly all this evil power began to charge out of Elisa’s arm and swirl around Dark Force.
(“Goodness”) Elisa replied. She was astounded that so much evil energy was inside her body and the Profound Darkness wasn’t even physically with her. This made her think how much energy the actual Profound Darkness itself could hold.
Then the entire room was engulfed in purple dark energy.


Elisa found her body back on the solid ground looking up at the huge beast.
Its large sharp fingers began to twitch and wiggle. It then began to flex its huge shoulders. Its large jaw opened wide to reveal a maw full of razor sharp teeth. Then it’s eyes burst open. Horrifying red pupils sat in the huge black holes within its skull. Just looking into the monsters eyes made Elisa feel instantly frightened. Then a huge amount of swirling purple aura exploded up from the ground and seemed to attach itself to the creature it began floating around its body and not leaving.

It then spoke in a deep and horrifying voice “Algol I’m back…your punisher has returned” A large swirling mass of black energy expelled itself from Dark Force’s body, and shot out in many directions leaving the unknown location, welcoming itself into the solar system. He then looked down straight at Elisa. His evil facial expression still not changing.
“Welcome back, Dark Force!” replied the Profound Darkness talking through Elisa’s mouth.
“Hmmmmm, my Empress” Dark Force replied it then seemed to bow down to Elisa’s humble body.
“To think Le-Roof thought he had a chance at sealing you away for good. The old fool” The Profound Darkness then responded mocking the deceased God.
“Yes, the stupid fool. His power couldn’t create a seal strong enough to prevent any interaction from the outside. He used most of his power just to restrain me alone. I knew you’d come in time Empress” Dark Force replied. “I see you picked up a pet along the way” Dark Force said running a huge black claw through Elisa’s flowing orange-brown hair.

The Profound made Elisa smile. “She’s very obedient, she does everything I say. Not that I’m giving her much of a choice. Hahahahaha”
Dark Force smirked. “Is she going to be your energy supply for the take over?” he asked.
“Of course, her poor, sweet, innocent soul drew me to her like a magnet. If I continue corrupting her a little longer and then merge her body with my powers for good. I’ll be able to fuel off her like a battery for an eternity and no god will have the strength to keep up with me.” The Profound Darkness replied.
(“Let me go. I have to get out of here”) Elisa thought to herself. To bad for her the Profound Darkness knew what she was thinking.
“How are you going to do that sweetie?” The Profound Darkness asked.
(“Don’t talk to me you monster”) she replied in an upset voice
“One of those moods again is it”
Dark Force then interrupted. “Empress if I may ask, how did you escape your own seal?”
The Profound Darkness then smirked. “I had a little help.” She simply replied. “No matter I don’t plan to reward him with the promise I made. He can come find me if he wants though” she then said thinking about the beast who helped open her seal.

“Now that I’m free I have some unfinished business I must attend to before we take over this solar system.” Dark Force then said “The acts of Alis Landale and Le-Roof left me a little incomplete you could say.”
“Of course no rush. I’m still stewing on all the hatred I can find at the moment. If you need to find me, go to the black hole about 3 human light-years from the icy-planet Dezolis. There I await if you are in dire need of my full intervene. This doll here is just a side project I’m working on in the meantime.”
The word doll made Elisa cringe with anger. (“You two won’t get away with this. I can feel justice I can feel it”) Elisa sprung out.
“If that’s what makes you feel better dear, you keep telling yourself that. We however have real issues to attended to” The Profound darkness then smiled flashing off all the sharp teeth in Elisa’s mouth, “The great suffering shall begin soon. I can feel it.”
Dark Force then smirked again. The purple and black aura began franticly circling his body. He held so much dark energy he couldn’t hold it all internally.
Elisa continued to look at Dark Force; this was a dark being in the flesh. His presence was horrifying too think these creatures really existed made her worry even more.


Suddenly the old man appeared before Autumn again in a brief vision. (“The Soldier’s Temple. You must go there and you must hurry”) he said.
“Huh?” Autumn exclaimed out loud kind of confused.
“What is it ?” asked Will
“The old man…” she replied still confused.
“Old man???”
“Oh, uh, don’t worry. Will, we have to get to Soldier’s Temple. Do you know where that is?” Autumn asked
“Yeah it’s just east of Krup, the green village. Why…?”
“Elisa, I know she’s there this may be my only chance to free her.” Autumn said in a serious tone.
Will thought for a moment then spoke up. “You know that place is very dangerous it’s a monster’s nest almost. Legend also has it a great evil being was sealed away by Alis Landale and the god Le-Roof one thousand years ago as well.”
“Well can we go…please Will?”
“Okay” he then replied.
Autumn’s bright red eyes lit up with happiness (“He really does take me seriously now”) she thought to herself happily.
“Go get in the land rover. I’ll go tell Hank and Isa what’s going on, and grab a few guns to take with us” Will said turning to walk inside.
As she was just about to step into the Land Rover Autumn took one last look at the starry night sky. It still felt very eerie something terrible had been unleashed. It made Autumn feel a little uneasy. (“Elisa I’m coming, I’m finally coming”) Autumn thought to herself trying to stay positive.


“So Hank wasn’t too happy huh?” Autumn asked looking at Will who was driving the vehicle through the dark desert.
“You could say that. I told him he had to stay with his sister. Just encase anything was to happen you know” Will replied.
“The only thing that’s going to happen is us bringing back another person” Autumn told him strongly.

The Land Rover reached a halt when they could see a beach like area up ahead. The two then got out of the vehicle.
Autumn looked around her she seen the Village of Krup a few hundred meters away. It’s lush green trees and water canals stood out. It reminded her a lot of the frequent flora on Palma. Several people were outside just as they were back in Aiedo. They all seemed worried and confused by the presence the planet received not too long ago.
(“Keep going, you must swim. I’ll see you there on the lower level of the temple”) the old man told Autumn.
“That’s so strange” Autumn said to herself
“Nope it’s just a freaky temple on an equally freaky island” Will replied pulling a bag filled with weapons and items over his shoulders.
“No not that. This old man…I met him back in Palma way before I even met you. He kind of creeped me out he knew what I was doing and I’d never seen him in my life. Ever since then I’ve been having visions of him and he tells me things sometimes like he just did then” Autumn said. “I never told you this but back when that snake from Medusa bit into my leg and I passed out. He appeared and said I’ll be all right I can’t die I’m not aloud too. That’s not all either, when I killed that stupid scorpirus he appeared then and he seemed kind of disappointed with my actions.”

“Hmmm, sounds like a higher power is looking out for you” Will replied
“Higher power!?”
“That’s what I said. Now then, we’ll have to leave the land rover here. You up for a cold swim to the island?” Will asked.
“Count on it!” Autumn said in a determined voice.
Both hunters then ran and jumped in the freezing water. Ahead of them the huge restricted temple stood towering over them like an evil giant just wanting to crush something.
What truly awaited them inside?

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