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Chapter Thirteen: Memories don’t lie!

“Okay Autumn first thing’s first, why did you do it? You could have been seriously hurt” Will asked her. “You have no idea how worried we all were”
“Because it’s my fault” she replied
Will seemed very confused all of a sudden. “How is that, it wasn’t your fault it killed the child. We had all walked to far away to do anything” he replied sticking up for her.
Autumn shook her head in disagreement “I woke it up” she then replied
Will thought for a moment and he seemed to deny what she just said “Even if you did wake it up it wasn’t your fault a death took place” Will responded still trying to make Autumn feel better “You can’t save everyone”
Autumn suddenly snapped “Well we should be able too! It’s part of our job saving lives. I could have done something, we call ourselves hunters and we never even had the correct weapons with us. We failed and a young innocent Motavian died as the result!” she shouted “…and I don’t even know if I killed the right one anymore” she softly spoke out. Tears then began running down her face. “Medusa was right I am just a monster”
Will walked closer to Autumn and wrapped one of his protective arms around her to comfort her.
“Hey, hey its okay” Will softly spoke to her. “And don’t downgrade yourself to that pathetic lamia. Your not a monster. You’re a kind and friendly soul”
Autumn then wiped the tears from her face. “Thank you and I’m sorry, I’m not usually emotional like this. But ever since I lost Elisa back on Palma a month ago I feel everything just began crumbling apart. I just want to find her and go back home safely”
“You will I can promise you that you’ll find your friend again and she’ll return with you” Will replied “Because I…I have trust in you”
Autumn’s bright red eyes lit up with amazement. She then looked up at will with a smile. “You finally trust me now…for real?”
Will nodded a confirming nod.
Autumn then wrapped her arms around his body “Thank you Will” she replied to him.
“No problem kiddo” he replied “And hey I want you to stop being so harsh on yourself okay”
Autumn didn’t really know what too say. She definitely was pushing herself but she felt she had too, she felt she needed more strength to free Elisa and defeat a certain evil.

“I want to share a story with you. It happened to me when I was ten years old” Will spoke out. “I care for you so much because you remind exactly of another numan girl I knew”
“Another numan, you mean there was another one on Motavia?” she asked.
“Yes, but I’m certain she’s no longer alive and it’s my fault because of it” he told her in a disgraced tone. He closed his eyes in disappointment.

“Hey Sparks it’s this way…come on!” Will shouted excitedly.
“I’m coming, you’re too fast for me kiddo” a young Numan girl replied. She had long black hair tied into a ponytail. The irises in her eyes were orange in colour and she was wearing a light pink t-shirt and black shorts. She had sandals on her feet. Long pointy ears emerged from the side of her head. She also appeared to be a few years older than Will.

“Sparks hurry!!!” Will shouted running in front of her.
Sparks then began running and caught up to Will. He had stopped on the edge of a small cliff located inside a crystal-covered cave they were exploring.
“Down there” he shouted pointing to the sparkling water at the bottom of the cliff.
“Oh wow they look like stars in the night sky” replied Sparks with amazement all over her face.
“Yup sure do” replied Will in a proud voice.
“It must be all the crystals in the bottom of that lagoon. Imagine finding a crystal lagoon in the middle of this cave”
“Do you want to go down and get a better look” asked Will. Running his hand through his short spiky blue hair.
“Okay lets go. Hop on” replied Sparks as she knelt down to the ground. Will then jumped on her back and held on. “You ready kiddo?” she asked with a cheerful smile spread across her face.
“Sure lets go” Will eagerly replied.

Sparks then took a huge run up and jumped off the cliff. The two kids glided through the air. Sparks' ponytail rippled in the wind as they fell. Then SPLASH!!!
The two kids heads emerged from the water. They had landed in the sparkling lagoon.
“Look Sparks we’re in the stars” Will exclaimed excitedly looking around him.
The water was glowing bright colours because of the crystals underneath it.
“It’s very pretty isn’t it?” Sparks replied examining the glittering water. She then began swimming across to the land. Will still held tightly onto her.

The two kids then got out of the water. They looked around them the deep underground cave was quite a spectacular sight nobody on Motavia would have even knew it existed except for these two young explorers.
“Wanna search for an exit” Sparks asked as she let Will climb down from her back.
“Okay” He eagerly replied

The two kids then set off walking away from the crystal lagoon. Sparks was the kind of girl who never feared anything and was very protective. She was also an orphan just like Will so the two always did things together and Will always felt safe around her.

“Do you feel that?” asked Sparks in a disturbed voice all of a sudden.
“It’s shaking” Will replied to her looking around. The crystal cave was definitely shaking violently something dangerous was happening.
“We have to run!” Sparks shouted
“Don’t run away from me though Sparks” Will said in worried voice
“I wont you big silly I’ll be next to you the whole time. Now lets go!”
The two kids then began running as fast as their legs would carry them. The cave continued to shake. Small rocks and bits of crystal began falling from the roof. Sand then began entering the cave. It was after all under the ground. The illuminate crystals provided the only light in the whole place.

Suddenly a black swirl of evil aura floated along side the children. It then stopped in front of them. This brought both kids too an immediate halt.
“A dark being” Sparks stammered out
“What’s it doing?” Will asked frightfully as he wrapped his arms tightly around Sparks’s torso.
The aura then began taking shape; a figure suddenly emerged from it. It was wearing a brown robe and a large metallic mask covered its face. A snorkel like trunk hung from the mask so it could siphon in oxygen. A tattered green cape flapped around hanging behind the being’s robe. Unholy red eyes could be seen behind the eyeholes in its mask. It was an evil look. In it’s right hand it held a staff that no doubt summoned dark powers.
“It’s a Chaos Sorcerer!!!” shouted Sparks
“Oh no!!!” Will screamed, “I want to go back to the Orphanage!!”

The Chaos Sorcerer then spoke “You children shouldn’t go sticking your noses into my hidden lair”
“We…we…we’re sorry. We’re leaving now!” Sparks said trying to reason with the dark being.
“I’m sorry but no one is allowed to know these caves exist. This is the place that us remaining dark beings flock too since Alis Landale sealed away our master Dark Force. We wouldn’t want our hidden location to get out. It might attract some unwanted hunters. The Chaos Sorcerer began tightly squeezing his staff as though he was going to use it.
(“He’s going to kill us”) Sparks harshly thought to herself “Will hold on tight I’m going to run now” Sparks bent down and whispered in his ear.
Will heaved himself up on Sparks back and she set off running faster than she had ever run in her life.
“Hahahahahaha” laughed the Chaos Sorcerer. “You can’t escape me”

Sparks had been running for nearly three minutes now. She came to a stop when she noticed a ledge. She turned and realized the Chaos Sorcerer never followed her. Well so she thought.
“Okay Will hop off. This is the plan; you’ll get on my shoulders and climb up the ledge I can see a faint light up ahead of it, our exit. Also when your up I want you to grab my hands and pull me up. You got that?”
“Yes” he simply replied he was trying to sound confident.
“Okay great” she replied franticly looking around to make sure it was only the two of them. Sparks then bent down and Will climbed up and stood up on her shoulders. She slowly and steadily raised herself and Will grabbed the ledge and heaved himself up.

Will stood up he could see an opening that emerged above ground. Sunlight gushed in through the opening over his young face. He squinted his eyes.
Then suddenly Sparks screamed.
“Sparks!!!” Will shouted as he turned around.
The Chaos Sorcerer stood just meters behind her. “I told you kids you’ll never escape me” He then pointed his vile staff at Sparks.
“Quick Will grab my hands” she shouted frantically sweat began dripping from her face. She was getting scared and so was Will.
Will took a step forward, he was about to bend down until he seen purple energy began emerging from the end of the staff it began swirling around and then gathered in a sphere shape.
“Hurry kiddo!” she shouted in a very worried voice
Will froze he was terrified; he really was just a useless little crybaby.
“What’s taking you so long?” Sparks shouted to him. She then glanced back at the Chaos Sorcerer and seen him slowly walking toward her the dark energy sat out in front of him.
Will then ran…he ran as fast as his little legs would carry him the light began growing as he ran further and further from the depths of the cave. Suddenly he heard Sparks scream.
“Will!!!!!!” she shouted.
But he ignored her he was too terrified to turn back.
“Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!” she screamed in pain.

Then suddenly purple smoke gushed out of the entrance past Will just as he emerged out of the underground cave. What had he just done?
Will was shaking he wasn’t thinking straight suddenly a large shadow past over him. He looked up and seen a huge orange dragon. Which was a rare sight as the dragon species were almost extinct. It had a very intense look of hatred spread across its scaly face. Spikes ran down it’s back. It had a very muscular body and it’s huge wings spread apart as it was flying. It then darted down into the cave Will had just run out off.

Will didn’t know why it went into the cave but he wasn’t going to stay and find out either. He continued to head back to the orphanage in his town. Tears running down his face the whole way.

Autumn didn’t know what too say. She sat there with her eyes and mouth wide open.
“I was just a stupid scared little kid” Will replied. He then punched the side of the house his fist collided with the bricks. It was a strong hit blood immediately began running out of his knuckles. “I’ve never forgiven myself, it was because of me she died. I can’t let the same thing happen to you not if I can prevent it”
“Will…” Autumn said in a concerned voice.
“I’m just a complete *” he said harshly
“That’s not true” Autumn resisted his comment. “You were a young child” she replied.
“It was her death that made me become a hunter. I wanted to rid our planet of all beasts that could do us harm. But I soon found I had limits”

Suddenly an intense feeling of evil hit both hunters. They shivered and looked at each other.
“Did you feel that?” asked Autumn
Will nodded.
Several lights in the town turned on people came outside they all had worry and fright on their faces.
“Something bad has happened” Autumn said to herself. She looked up at the starry night sky, it had a very unwelcoming and haunting presence to it all of a sudden.


Elsewhere in a far off location Elisa walked up to a huge dark sleeping beast. She ran her fragile blood stained hand across the front of it’s rough body. The unknown place reeked off evil. Purple smog was floating around in the air. Only a dark being could breathe this stuff in and survive.
The Profound Darkness then made Elisa smile. She showed a mouth of sharp shiny teeth. “I’ll have you out of that seal. You don’t have to worry any more dear because mummy’s here now!”
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