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Inside note:
This is a completely new story arc set within the Algol solar system. Numans are now a common species like Humans and they age at the same rate as humans as well. It also contains a fairly dark fantasy / sci-fi theme but at the same time should be enjoyable for everyone. Many other characters and enemies from the classic series shall make an appearance too especially from Phantasy Star IV. I have stretched some things to help create a new story arc within the Algol solar system so they may sound a little different from how Sega had them. In short although it contains things from the classic series it is not a prequel or sequel: something totally new. So I welcome you to “Accepting Fate”!

Accepting Fate: Elisa Saga = Start

Chapter One: A Chaotic Beginning!

A young lady, seventeen years of age to be exact was taking a relaxing walk down the sidewalk near one of Palma’s many tropical forests. Birds and small animals could be seen running around enjoying the calm late afternoon atmosphere.

“Its so beautiful here, I’m really glad I live on Palma. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” She happily said to herself. “My goodness look at the time.” The Girl looked at her wristwatch and seen it was 5.35pm it was getting late and she would have to be back at the Palman Orphanage by six. “I’d better move it, I shouldn’t have walked down so far.” She turned around and began running, her long brownish-orange hair swaying back and forth and her long but tattered innocent white dress seemed to glow as the sky became darker. The girl continued to run, the forest began to disappear behind her and buildings started to arise on the horizon in front of her. The girl then stopped, panting trying to catch her breath. She looked at her watch again. 5.54pm it read. “I gotta keep moving” she told herself and set off running again.

“Yes I can see it just up a head, all the lights are on.” Then the girl stopped she could here a faint buzzing noise coming from the distance. “What is that?” She said kind of startled. “Could it be bugs, oh I hope not I hate bugs.” She began looking around furiously as the noise got closer to her. “Huh?” she said puzzled it sounded like it was right next to her but she couldn’t see anything. Then her brilliant blue eyes slowly started looking up as if they had a mind of their own. She moved her head up and looked above her.

A huge purple and black cloud of aura sat just centimetres above her head. The girl opened her mouth and was just about to scream out in terror when the aura shovelled itself down inside her. The whole cloud of aura just vanished down into her throat. Then the girl began to lose balance she swayed back and forth. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she hit the ground unconscious.


“Hey, wake up, Hey, Elisa I said wake up” Another girl with very long bright green hair and pointy ears was kneeling down next to Elisa’s motionless body yelling at her. The girl was quite skinny and was wearing a purple Singlet with grass stains all over it and pink mini shorts. The outside of one of the pockets on her pink shorts was nearly torn off and was just hanging by a few threads. The girl rolled her eyes; she then pulled a small bottle of water out of her other intact pocket and unscrewed the cap. She tipped the water onto Elisa’s face. “Get out of the water before the Leviathan gets you!” screamed the pointy eared girl.
“Aaaaahhhhhh” Elisa sat up screaming her face was completely saturated with water.

“Hahaha” The other girl began giggling to her self.
“Autumn it’s you” said Elisa still coming to grips with everything.
“Of course it is, you know you big silly you wouldn’t wake up. So I took the liberty of wasting the last of my water for your sake” said Autumn rubbing it in.
“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean for you to waste your water” replied Elisa with a sad tone in her voice.
“Don’t be sorry I was just joking, you really scared me you know. Anyways how long have you been lying out here in the dark? The Orphanage sent me to look for you its nearly 8.00pm” said Autumn filling Elisa in.
“It’s that late, but I…” Elisa stopped talking and looked around her it was definitely dark much darker since she passed out. Besides the Orphanage building being lit up everything else was pitch black almost.

“But I what?” said Autumn trying to bring Elisa back to the real world.
“Oh, n-nothing don’t worry. I must have just got dehydrated that’s all and fainted.”
“Well come inside dinner was served nearly an hour ago its gonna be all cold but we gotta eat right?” said Autumn while helping Elisa to her feet. “Can you stand properly?”
“I…I think so…whoa!” said Elisa as she began to stumble over. Autumn then caught her with both arms. Autumn then wrapped one of her own arms around Elisa to help support her as they walked.
“Thanks” said Elisa. Autumn just smiled and said nothing. The two girls slowly began walking towards the Orphanage.
(“I’m glad I have a friend like you”) Elisa thought to herself.
(“So this Numan girl is your friend now is she?”) said a sinister voice, a voice belonging to an evil woman. The voice seemed as if it came from Elisa’s own mind.
“Huh, who said that?” screamed Elisa frightfully.

The two girls then stopped at the door of the Orphanage.
“Said what?” asked Autumn who was starting to worry about Elisa now.
“A woman she spoke to me through my head” said Elisa who was looking around anxiously expecting to find someone.
“No body is out here, come inside you just need a good hot drink and a sleep. We can talk about this in the morning okay Elisa. I’m very tired and I think you are too.
“Y-your right” said Elisa with a sigh of relief.
Both girls then entered the building through the automatic glass doors. All the other unfortunate teenagers and children could be seen sitting at tables full of graffiti and sleeping on hard beds with no pillows. Around thirty kids could be seen lining up with some very dirty towels waiting to go for a shower. Another smaller group of children sat in front of a television that was only receiving static.

“Pretty harsh isn’t it?” said Autumn looking around at all the kids.
“I guess so…” said Elisa also looking around and taking in the atmosphere which both girls had grown up in.
“Even though this Orphanage isn’t the best its provided everything us Numans and you Humans need to have survived the last seventeen years” said Autumn trying to make the Orphanage sound more of a reassuring place. “Elisa you go find us a table and I’ll go ask for our drinks…wait do you want any dinner first?” asked Autumn.
“No thank you a drink will be fine” smiled Elisa.
Autumn gave Elisa a wink and left in a hurry. Elisa walked past a few of the other kids and sat down at a table nobody was sitting at. She ran both of her hands through her hair and tried to calm herself down. She had just lost around two hours of her life and thought she was hearing voices; it was quite a lot to get over. Not to mention she seen something evil, something that is only supposed to exist in legends and storybooks.


“Happy, happy, happy” a young child said to himself who was sitting down across from the table Elisa was at drawing on the wall with a blue crayon.
Elisa was far to exhausted to tell the boy not to draw on the wall but she smiled when she realised what he was drawing. The boy drew what appeared to be a family it had a mother a father and even a young child who was standing in the middle. The parents were holding the boy’s hands and the farther drawing seemed to have pointy ears like a Numan does.

“Drink up!” said a familiar voice.
Elisa jumped with a fright. “Oh, its you again Autumn”. Elisa then let out a small sigh of relief.
“None other” said Autumn boasting about herself in a comedic fashion. “Here this is yours” Autumn handed Elisa a mug with what appeared to be a picture of a Musk Cat on it with wings. Steam was rising out of the cup. Elisa then peered in to see what she would be drinking.
“So what is it, it smells good?” said Elisa trying to forget about her weird afternoon.
“Hot chocolate, you silly, seriously I could skinny-dip in this stuff it’s that good” replied Autumn while taking a sip out of her own mug. Autumn then raised her head and her bright red eyes met Elisa’s bright blue eyes.
Elisa’s eyes then widened with happiness and she began laughing at Autumn.
“What?” said Autumn confused.
“You say the strangest things and you have a chocolate milk moustache above your top lip” said Elisa who was trying to control her laughter.
Autumn smiled (“That’s my girl I like it when your happy”) she thought to herself.

Later that evening the two girls were lying in a dark room on their hard beds with a very thin bed sheet each, which would keep them mildly warm for the night.
“Well good night Elisa, in the morning we are so going adventuring again like last week” said Autumn with excitement.
“Yeah sounds great, good night Autumn” replied Elisa who had now totally forgotten about the incident that occurred in the late afternoon.
It wasn’t long before Autumn was snoring and was nearly falling off the bed. Elisa then began to get comfortable and just closed her eyes when…
(“Let me see if this body of yours can handle my power”) said the evil woman’s voice. Elisa sat up startled ready to yell out for help but her mouth wouldn’t open. The creature inside her wouldn’t let her scream.
(“Go away!”) thought Elisa who was trying not to cry she was really scared.
(“Stand up human girl”) said the voice.
(“No, I want you to leave I want to go to sleep”) thought Elisa rebelliously.
(“You leave me no choice child”) said the woman. Then all of a sudden without Elisa doing it she hopped off the bed and began walking. She walked out of the room she was in and down to the section all the teenage boys slept in. Elisa was trying her hardest to fight it but this entity had complete control over her body.

Elisa then entered the first room in the boy’s area. Tears were running down her beautiful face. The evil entity made Elisa raise her own hand, dark energy began coming out of her palm and swirling into a sphere kind of shape.
(“Now say it with me child…MEGID!”)

Chapter Two: Guard Down!

“What, what do you mean the seal is broken?” said an angry but holy voice.
“Please De-Vars, have some patients we are still trying to figure out how it got past our divine security the seal was guarded by the best spirits in all of Rykros.” said a small spirit.
De-Vars himself was a large spirit that specialised in strength he was very strong and his top priority was to keep the Algol solar system safe along with the other gods on the planet.
“Fine, I’ll accept that you know nothing but when Re-Faze finds out, we will all have to worry” said De-Vars in a calmer voice.
“Okay sir, I’m going to go now…good bye” said the small spirit it then vanished into thin air.
“Hmmmm” De-Vars was thinking of all the terrible things this entity could now do since it was out floating free in the solar system.
“De-Vars!” said another godly voice.
“Huh…” shouted De-Vars startled. “Oh it’s only you Sa-Lews, I thought you might have been Re-Faze” said De-Vars with a sigh of relief.
Sa-Lews much like De-Vars was also a spirit only his aura was blue in contrast to De-Vars who exhibited a Yellowish-White aura.

“Do you think, do you think that it could have found a host yet?” asked Sa-Lews eager for an answer.
“Hhmmm” said De-Vars who didn’t want to think of such an event but answered anyway. “I’m quite sure it has, that thing needs a physical body. It needs a vessel to get around unnoticed. It will be much harder for us gods to read its aura while it is suppressed hiding in a human or even a Numan for that matter.”
“If it did want a body, it would go for someone innocent wouldn’t it? An innocent person as so to hide its evil stench completely” Sa-Lews seemed to say this with high certainty.
“Yes that is correct, but if the host can’t handle its power it will bend the mind of the host tormenting and deforming it slowly the host will morph with the beast and they shall become one single entity.” De-Vars looked away in disgust as the words he spoke left his mouth.
“But surely there is a way to stop this.” Sa-Lews voice began to sound distressed hearing such terrible truth.
De-Vars never answered and Sa-Lews also fell silent the two stood in the holy crystal-covered room speechless not knowing what to do or where to start.


“Of course there is a way to stop this” said an even more powerful voice. The two gods looked behind them. Then they both immediately straightened up and bowed in respect. Another god appeared he was smaller than the other two his aura was orange and he appeared to have a green crystal sitting in the middle of his being.
“Greetings Re-Faze” both entities said at once.
“This is no time for greetings, this is a time for worry and a time for action, When the Great Light created us and spiralled that thing thousands of infinite miles into the seal it was our job to prevent it from ever escaping.” Said Re-Faze with pride in his voice. “Sadly we failed and we call our selves gods, to fail at such a task we are pretty much asking the Algol solar system to be destroyed.”
“Sir, I mean excuse me sir, more importantly how do we stop this thing?” asked Sa-Lews wanting the best outcome of the situation.

“Gentlemen, I will go down to the planet this creature has landed on and destroy it myself” said Re-Faze.
“Sir that’s suicide!” yelled De-Vars.
“De-Vars calm yourself” instructed Re-Faze. “Once that thing has taken a physical body and I can assure you it has. Only another physical creature can destroy it. I shall go down and seek out the chosen one and both I and the chosen child shall put an end to the Profound Darkness once and for all”
“And sir, if the host has merged with the Profound Darkness wont the child die as well?” asked Sa-Lews expressing his concern.
“Only if we leave it long enough to get to that stage. Now I know the Profound Darkness has arrived on Palma the most populated planet in the solar system not only that it has already made its first kill”
“You’re kidding me sir?” said Sa-Lews in a fairly upset voice.
“I wish I was Sa-Lews, I really wish I was” Re-Faze sounded just as disappointed.
De-Vars just looked away again, he wasn’t much of a talker when it came to expressing his anger and sorrow.


“The Profound Darkness is not our only worry either, I can also assure you both that when it has realised its new body is strong enough for the task it’s first objective will be to awaken its son.”
“You don’t mean…” said Sa-Lews not wanting to finish the sentence.
“Dark Force” said De-Vars without hesitation.
“That is absolutely correct,” replied Re-Faze. “Now then it is time to tack action."

“Very well gentlemen, I shall keep in strong contact, I’m not sure when I shall be back but I’m the most capable entity for the job. I want both of you to overlook everything from Rykros and make sure nothing attacks this planet either. The both of you are quite capable of such a task. I know I trained you myself. Farewell and keep safe” Re-Faze then vanished leaving the planet completely making his way to Palma which would be in great danger.

“Well then Sa-Lews, go tell all the other spirits the news will you, I shall head to the seal and investigate how it escaped myself.” Ordered De-Vars.
“Of course my friend, Sa-Lews then vanished from the room”
(“I’m counting on you Re-Faze, we are all counting on you be careful”) thought De-Vars to himself. De-Vars then vanished from the crystal room as well leaving it completely empty.

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