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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, '12, 5:54 am
The Tormented One (Part 2)

PD = Profound Darkness

~ A new entry after almost 6 months of nothing.

Tormented One : Sketch and concepts behind it!


I kind of wanted to use this chapter to talk about what kind of concept I had behind this character (in this particular form). You should all know who Elisa is by now. Anyway for this particular drawing I was thinking of expanding on her possessed form, under the event that she was not saved by Re-Faze.

The Profound Darkness’s power would have continued to grow and grow inside her, physically morphing her into something else. I used the first from of PD for this particular drawing as a strong reference, having those disgusting purple fleshy things with fangs and eyes growing from her back seemed to flow well with the concept of her becoming far less human.


Her posing also appears far more awkward in this particular drawing, I was trying give the effect that two separate entities were at work fighting inside the one body, thus causing her horrendous form to take place. Her toes seem lively in particular. :lol:

For a brief posing reference I looked at the main character “Nell” from the horror movie The Last Exorcism. A movie revolving around demonic possession much like what has happened in this sketch, only it’s not a demon but rather PD.


I think at the time if I did continue to write my story and let her get further and further from being human she'd probably mold into the final form of the Profound Darkness we see in the game something that appears as a monster but at the same time is kind of human(ish). In my original Accepting Fate, story the Profound Darkness has no physical form after losing its body in a fight against the Great Light eons ago. So it takes over Elisa’s.


I’m rather glad I never did let it get that far however, because it would shift from having a supernatural theme into more of a horror theme becoming rather unbearable for her as a character on a human level. Not to mention the things that could be done to other life-forms (it's enemies) in that state would be rather sinister. Also the power level I had in mind would have been beyond-unfair. The form she appears in during the story has the gods fearing her already, let alone becoming something stronger.

My opinion: I think the ideas and concepts I have behind her in this form are fun and exciting but I’m glad I never allowed her to become what I just drew. I prefer Elisa as the friendly, polite, delicate girl I created her as. She’s been through enough.

(On another note: I recently read through my whole Accepting Fate fan-fiction recently. I was a very bad writer two years ago, so many spelling mistakes. I’ll have to correct them all someday soon.)

Thanks for reading and all your support. :)

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