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PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, '11, 1:46 am
Character Profile #3: William Walsh

Name: William (Will)
Last Name: Walsh
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Eye Colour: Deep Sky Blue
Hair Colour: Dark Blue
Height: 6'2” ft
Weight: 79 kg
Next of Kin: Sparks (Childhood friend)
Occupation: First ranking Hunter
Weapon of Choice: Various (Uses a mixture of weapons from guns, knives, swords and claws)
Planet of Origin: Motavia
Likes: Training people in combat, martial arts, being active
Dislikes: Unsuccessful missions, Chaos Sorcerers, untrustworthy people
Hobbies: Collecting old video games
Idol: Sparks
Alignment: Good

Power Grid:
Intelligence: 5
Strength: 4
Speed: 4
Durability: 4
Energy Projection: 4
Fighting Skills: 6

Power grid ratings are scored between a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 7

Will is a very enthusiastic and friendly young man. He has a lot of motivation and a strong will to do things right. He often puts himself before others in battle and goes out of his way to make sure his closet friends are always okay. He likes teaching people how to defend for themselves as the world they live in is a dangerous one. After meeting Autumn for the first time he immediately got along well with her, mostly due to their similar personalities and views on life's important things.

Weapons & Techniques:
Will is actually experienced in using a whole range of weapons. He gladly taught Autumn how to use hand claws after she had a desire to fight with them. He also taught Autumn how to perform the Disrupt skill which is used by Rika in PSIV. He is also able to perform techniques as well such as Foi and Wat. Overall due to his knowledge on all weapons he makes himself a very adaptable hunter in all situations.

Will and Sparks:
Sparks was another numan girl four years older than Will their backgrounds are still slightly hazy but it seemed they knew each other since they were both very young. Will looked up to Sparks like an older sister, but more so a trainer, someone to get him ready for the big world out there. In his younger days the two of them were exploring a cave on Motavia when they were attacked by a Chaos Sorcerer. Sparks and Will ran as fast as they could. Sparks even managed to get Will to safety but when she asked him to help her as well he freaked out entirely and ran leaving her alone with the dark being. To this day he has never seen her again. He holds this unforgivable and completely childish mistake against himself and he will for the rest of his life. Sparks had a habit of calling Will “kiddo” which is what Will calls Autumn as well.

Will is often seen wearing a short sleeve shirt. Colour-wise it's either blue or black. He also wears similar shorts to Autumn only his have no urban style graffiti design present. On regular occasion due to being at the guild so much, he wears light armour over his chest which is silver in colour. He also has a belt which can hold a number of small hand weapons around his waist as well. His shoes appear to be steel-cap boots with rough grip on the bottom making them ideal for running over tough or hot terrain.


“Over a thousand years ago, Alis Landale fought and succeeded against the forces of darkness, we as hunters continue to walk the path she started for us!” ~ William Walsh

“None of us are perfect, even I’ve made mistakes in my short time as a hunter, but we live and we learn!” ~ William Walsh

Additional notes for William:
*The rough idea for Will came from the character named Kai who appears in Phantasy Star Zero on the Nintendo DS.
*His last name is exactly the same as Rune Walsh who appears as a main character in Phantasy Star IV. They also both have blue hair but, the two characters are not related in anyway.
* Will and Autumn both share an older brother young sister role. Much like how Autumn and Elisa share a best friends role together. Also Will shared a younger brother older sister role with Sparks.

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