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PostPosted: Sun Jul 3, '11, 8:27 am
The Tormented One

PD = Profound Darkness

Sometimes referred to as Evil Elisa or Possessed Elisa, but her true name while under the control of the Profound Darkness is “The Tormented One”. Although it is never stated in the story at any point.

After the Profound Darkness takes control of her body she is given access to all the dark magic and skills PD knows. She even manages to perform the highly destructive “Megid” technique in the orphanage and kill everyone in the area. She can also teleport herself from place to place, levitate from the ground and even become invisible. Other techniques Elisa previously knew such as “Foi” for example have also been intensified in power thanks to PD's influence. The Tormented One is literally the strongest character on Motavia until Re-Faze arrives on the planet in the later chapters of the Elisa Saga (1st story arc).

Self Control:
While under PD's rule the only control Elisa has over herself is her mind, she often argues and tries to resist what PD is making her do but she is unable to take over. Even when talking although it comes out as Elisa's voice it is actually PD taking control of her vocals. On several occasions (usually when the words are in all capitals) it gives away that PD's true voice has come through Elisa, signifying she is taking over her body more and more. PD sounds far more evil and less human than Elisa sounds.

Elisa remains pretty much the same the only differences really are in her face. While she is The Tormented One she exhibits fangs in her mouth instead of normal teeth and her once blue eyes are now entirely red. Her clothing is quite dirty and over time becomes torn up really bad (hence why she has a new dress in the 2nd story arc), it is also stained with the innocent blood of others. Not just her cloths however, her arms and legs as well as patches of hair have been painted blood red in colour. On very rare occasions, an illusion of the Profound Darkness's first from, filled with purple fleshy skin and mouths full of fangs, accompanied by hundreds of eyes appears to surround Elisa. Although it's only the mist of the true creature it shows that her strength is increasing greatly, and that Elisa is becoming less human.

The Return to Humanity:
The Tormented One is literally an untouchable and unstoppable force, and gets enjoyment out of toying with Will and Autumn when they come to rescue Elisa on Soldier's Island on Motavia. Fortunately the god Re-Faze finally tracked her down and then splits PD's grip from her body turning Elisa back into a normal human girl. The Profound Darkness in the form of a simple purple mass of energy at the time, retreats along with Dark Force who destroys the entire island out of rage. It should be noted that only a small fraction PD's power was taking control of Elisa, which is why Re-Faze was able to remove PD so easily.

After Effects:
Elisa now suffers continuous nightmares months after the event had finished. Fortunately for her, both Autumn and now Will are there to support her during these tough times. She also has the Gods of Rykros looking out for her as well. Meaning she's not at any point going through her recovery alone.


“Idiots, I will CRUSH you!” ~ Elisa Bragwin / Profound Darkness

“You hunters should just stick to fighting INSECTS!” ~ Elisa Bragwin / Profound Darkness

Additional notes on The Tormented One:
* An evil alter-ego for a good character is quite common in lots of stories, movies and games now days. Take Ryu and Evil Ryu from the Street Fighter series for example. An idea sparked from this.
*While under PD's influence Elisa was the strongest human in my story, with powers that could by far surpass any other Phantasy Star villain with the exceptions of both Dark Force and PD itself.
* The Tormented One is one of the only characters in my story to have deliberately killed people. This is now making it very difficult for Elisa to overcome, even though she technically never did anything wrong.
* In very, very, very early stages of the story I was actually going to have Elisa die after being rescued and meet Alis Landale and other PS characters in heaven. But I decided I didn't want to kill Elisa off (I lover her too much); so that never ended up happening. Besides it would make Autumn’s huge journey from Palma to Motavia completely pointless.
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