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PostPosted: Wed Oct 5, '11, 1:38 am
Chapter 9: Gold Hunting!

The large robots simply just started falling to pieces, and bursting wires and sparks everywhere as DG performed her wireless detonation on them. DG was clearly enjoying herself, she had a somewhat psychopathic grin on her face showing all her white teeth.

“The security robots don’t even have a chance” Autumn exclaimed in total awe. As DG continued destroying them without even lifting a finger. If anything it looked as though they were exploding on their own.

After about ten minutes every single security robot that was in the building lay on the ground completely destroyed, now nothing but scrap.

DG satisfied with herself put both hands on her hips before turning to Autumn and Elisa who stood behind her. “It should be safe to keep moving now girls”

“Incredible!” Elisa quietly spoke out. If DG wasn't here there was no way the two of them could take on so many.

Both girls then headed deeper into the ruins of the crashed satellite.

“I'm actually quite glad we decided to bring DG on this mission with us” Elisa happily spoke aloud.

“Me too” Autumn replied resting her hands on the back of her head as she continued walking. “So far I haven’t had to lift a finger. I think DG can do my part of the mission at this rate!”

Elisa's face dropped in a bit of anger and she then grab a handful of Autumn's long green hair and yanked on it.

“Owww!!” Autumn shouted in pain, turning around to see Elisa holding her hair in her hand.

“Be grateful Autumn, it's not about you getting to be lazy. It's about her helping you out. We'd probably both be full of bullet holes by now! Besides you're the only one who gets paid for this. DG wont see any of that money!”

“I know...I'm sorry...” Autumn replied

Both girls then looked ahead to see DG playfully gliding and floating around in the air, she was giggling to herself like a small child.

“I bet she feels really powerful inside here huh?”

“I'd say so it's just one huge energy supply for her. I mean it's a crashed satellite after all” Autumn responded, answering Elisa.

Both Autumn and Elisa had both gradually gotten comfortable with DG over the last two weeks. Today they decided to invite her on one of Autumn's hunts. Neither DG or Elisa were part of the Hunter's Guild so Autumn was pretending they were both escorts from a university on Palma that needed to come to this crashed satellite for research. It was a lie, but a believable one and Autumn was quite a high ranking hunter now, so she was entrusted to take them with her. However it was clear DG's abilities vastly exceeded Autumn's, considering that both mortal girls would clearly have gotten injured or most likely killed from the security attack after entering the the area.

“Hey this looks interesting!” DG exclaimed as she gracefully landed back on solid ground and walked over to an old computer terminal. The screen covered the entire wall. A large keyboard looking device sat out in front of it. It had a massive amount of buttons, switches and a few key holes as well.

DG immediately began pressing buttons but nothing happened. So she pressed a few more buttons and flicked one of the switches upward.

Elisa assumed DG knew what she was doing, and what order she was pressing the buttons in. Autumn however had the feeling she was just randomly pressing things kind of like a small child not knowing which toy to play with, then finally deciding to play with them all at once.

DG then backed away from the keyboard. She had a small look of disappointment on her face. She then folded her arms and exhaled a small breath of air, before firmly shutting her mouth again. It was almost as though she was pouting. But a certain activation of the computer screen proved otherwise.

The screen turned on but it was flickering really badly and corrupt code and broken images of what looked like a layout of the satellite randomly appeared and disappeared on and off the screen.

“How'd you do that?” Autumn asked. Taking a few steps closer to the blinking screen before folding her arms with curiosity written on her face.

DG turned to Autumn with another one of her signature toothy smiles on her face. If her eyes were visible they'd definitely be sparkling with a ridiculous amount of excitement.

“I had to wirelessly get into the system. I tried booting it up by following the normal turn on procedure and the backup one. But it's clear the damage from the crash meant it wasn't going to work. I then jumped inside and booted it from in there. I'm sure some wires are split too. But obviously nothing to significant that I won't be able to fix it.”

“Got inside huh? So you sent a portion of your intellect in there?” Autumn then asked trying to piece together what this multidimensional girl was getting at.

“Yes and no” she replied turning around to face the two once again after quickly glancing back at the screen. She placed her left hand on her hip and raised her right arm with a finger in the air, as though she was ready to announce something important.

“I'm not bound to a single form of physical existence. This body you see before me is simply the vessel I designed to interact with your species while I spend my time in the physical world. However because I'm still actually code. I can jump back and forth into my home dimension. It's what you people call the internet, and move around in there while still walk and talk in this body here.”

Both Autumn and Elisa had extremely confused looks on there faces. The numan then raised a hand and pulled at her right ear a few times before asking another question. “So what's the machine do then?”

“Well the on-screen data is definitely corrupt but from what I’ve been reading the last few minutes, yes even when I was talking to both of you. It appears this satellite was used to store combat androids. The earlier models were actually cyborg, mixing humans and machine together but they then decided to go fully electronic as they were easier to mass produce and provided, the same and sometimes better results.”

“Interesting” Elisa replied. So in a way. This was more of a large floating storage box in space. Rather than a satellite?”

“Basically yes. The only thing that really made this a satellite was the fact it received and sent constant feeds on information back and forth to the military on both Palma and Motavia. It's also quite clear no androids or cyborgs were developed on board this satellite; the development occurred on Palma. The facility is still in use today actually.”

“Well how many years ago did this thing crash?” Autumn asked still interested in what DG was talking about.

“One-hundred and fourteen years ago. It was built eighty-eighty years before it crashed. But due to new designs proving far superior over this one. Regular bug checks and power feeds dropped eventually causing it to run out of energy and fall from orbit. It was assumed all equipment on board was destroyed in the impact, as readings from Palma were no longer responding.”

“You're a very smart girl, you know that don't you?” Elisa replied praising her.

“Thank you very much. I'm flattered” DG politely replied, placing a hand against her chest in pride.

“Well I suppose our info gathering is done here then.” Autumn said ready to turn and report to the guild.

“Hold on a sec!” DG shouted raising her hand outward stopping both girls from walking away.

“Huh???” they both cluelessly responded.

“The androids were never destroyed.” DG replied. She then floated into the air holding out her arms like some sort of power absorbing goddess putting all below her to shame. Suddenly multiple capsules began raising from the floor in the computer room. Heaps of androids were seen locked away inside their glass prison cells.

Autumn ran up to one of the capsules in curiosity. “That is so awesome, look at her.” She said pointing a finger at the humanoid female inside the glass.

The description on the glass read. “Mass Produced Combat-Android = Mieu = Production Number - #0045

The android inside had the appearance of a young woman clad in a red battle leotard. She had equally red hair; and armoured leggings. Her eyes remained closed, and her face emotionless.

“I've hit gold” DG replied smiling to herself.

to be continued....
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