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PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, '11, 9:15 am
Chapter 4: Some fun in the Desert!

DG emerged out of an underground landline that ran through the middle of the vast Motavian desert. Her body suddenly began to appear within the physical world as though an image would upload itself onto a computer screen.

Once she was all there, she quickly checked herself for any abnormalities.

“I seem in order” DG said to herself running a hand through her blue hair. Which then swayed back into place.

After that she looked around her. What appeared before her was a huge desert with endless sand dunes no cities, trees or water was anywhere in site. The closest thing to civilisation was the landline power box she used as gateway to get from the internet into the real world. However it would seem people rarely maintained it as the box appeared quite rusty and beat up, it also had scratch marks on it as though a Locusta used it to sharpen it's scythes at one stage.

“Wow...” DG said in slightly surprised but disappointed voice. “Motavia is so empty, maybe I should have done a bit more research on worm holes closest to civilisation before I left. Oh well I may as well look around, this I the first time I've ever left the realm of endless information.”

DG then took a few steps from her original point of arrival. Her thin blue slip-on shoes made soft crunchy sounds in the fine yellow sand with each step. She then looked down at the sand below her. Showing no expression on her face she reached down and grabbed a handful of the sand and held it tightly in her hand. It was boiling hot and was no doubt burning the palm of her hand, yet she still seemed to squeeze it tight.

After looking at her closed palm for a while she opened it and let it all slowly slip out between her fingers until the sand was all gone. Her palm was a very bright pink colour due to the heat burning her skin. However DG was smart enough to design her new body to not feel any form of pain. She could receive even the greatest of physical wounds and still feel no harm. However that didn't mean she would still be able to function properly depending on the severity of it.

“It's so soft and fine yet so brittle as well” she said commenting the sand she just held. “I suppose I should make a note of this information. I'll add it as the third result within the physical touch files” DG said aloud talking about keeping a data record within her memory banks of the feel and texture of desert sand.

DG then looked up once again and slowly scanned the area around her. She never forgot the main reason why she came here, but she wanted to check as much of the physical world out as she could while she was on Motavia. A small smile suddenly flashed across her face.

“Is that what I think it is?” she asked excitedly running a short distance to a small bright green cactus sticking out of the desert sand. “A small cactus!” she exclaimed in a relatively happy voice. “It looks really healthy I bet it's full of water too.”

DG suddenly had the urge to touch it but she noticed the spines sticking out from it, and they were no doubt very sharp. The hot sun's rays beat down on the cactus and the light from it caused the spines to shine a brilliant white. It was no bigger than a coffee mug but was well protected against the weather and possible biomonsters that may eat plant matter.

“Wait should I?” she asked stopping herself from grabbing the small plant. “I’m sure I could grow several more of them if I find the right necessities in this world, so it shouldn't really matter if I take just one.”

With that final thought on the matter DG bent down further and wrapped the same hand she held the sand with around the cactus. It's spines pushed their way into her skin, some spines larger than other ones ventured even deeper into the palm of her hand. Such an event would cause any normal person to let go of the plant and begin picking the spines from their body. DG then pulled the cactus from the ground. Small white roots hung from the bulb of the plant as she rose up with it, looking very carefully at it.

“Awww, it's so cute” she exclaimed slightly blushing.

DG then very gently squeezed the cactus. She could feel fluid inside it move around as she did so. She also noticed another fluid, however this one wasn't inside the cactus.

DG looked down at her arm and seen a shiny silver liquid dripping down from the palm of her hand holding the cactus. “Oh dear...”

Unlike blood which is red to all Humans, Numans, Dezorians and Motavians, DG had a special self made fluid within her body it wasn't exactly blood; but a fluid that was able to hold data as well as give her body form. She had no organs or bones in her body and the constant cycle of this blood kept her body as it was. Before DG left the internet she made sure this particular fluid she designed over hundreds of years of research could still uphold a human form under the pressure of gravity so she wouldn't collapse once she got to Algol.

“I almost forgot about this” she said. DG then stuffed the small cactus into one of the side pockets she had on her jacket. Raising her other hand closer to her wounded one she managed to pick out all of the small spear sharp spines. Each one that was pulled caused more silver liquid to gush from her hand. Once they were all gone she raised her bloody hand closer to her mouth and stuck out her small tongue and licked all the silver blood from the palm of her hand. The special saliva on her tongue seemed to clot all of the small holes on her hand immediately.

“I should probably stop stuffing around now. Now lets see I better upload Elisa's IP address. That will give me the exact destination of the computer she was using which will lead me to her house so I can meet her.”

DG held out her right arm, her palm facing upward and opened wide. All her fingers were stuck close together as an illusion appeared from the palm of her her hand. It looked like a computer screen but instead of being on a computer, the screen was floating in mid air. Using the second digit on her left hand she touched the screen and it seemed to scroll down through a large amount of code and text until she found what she was looking for. A little grin spread across her face revealing a mouth of bright white teeth.

“I should be there soon!”

to be continued....

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