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PostPosted: Fri Apr 1, '11, 1:34 pm
Chapter 3: Reborn anew!

“This should work, quite nicely DG” told herself, flicking through some images. I might try this one first.

[Alys] Suddenly *Poof* the floating mass of knowledge that originally was DG took human form within her virtual realm. She exhibited stunning shoulder-length brown hair reflecting light from all angles and brilliant emerald eyes. She was suited with a crimson hunters outfit overlaying a set of long black leggings leading down to a set of silver hunter boots.

“Well, she's nice” DG said cheeking herself out. “But I’m not quite sure a tomboyish hunter is the perfect body for me. With that statement her Alys design vanished throwing her back to square one, nothingness.

“Maybe I'm rushing into things, I mean humans are the most dominant species throughout this solar system why not go for something different instead just copying the first human I see.” DG told herself and with that thought she immediately closed the current folder and opened up another one.

“Numan maybe?”

[Nei] *Poof* DG looked down at herself she saw long purple stockings climbing right up her legs. They seemed to merge into shoes as well. Her hair was also a dark purple and a lot longer than how she had it moments ago, it ended somewhere around the middle of her back. She then shockingly noticed a frilly pink and purple ribbon tied around her neck. This made her think of a collar immediately putting ideas of domesticated dogs into her head. The very revealing leotard eventually caught her attention. Covering the most part of her body. “I suppose wearing an outfit like this all day could leave a lot of immodest ideas to the imagination” she told herself.

Not only that it was actually quite tight not allowing her skin to breath. Her big red eyes suddenly widened as though she she forgot something very important. She then reached her delicate hand up past her head and with two fingers pinched a very, very long ear. “Numan...girl” she told herself.

“She's a really pretty design too, however I’m not to keen on her choice in clothes. Her ears also seem kind of awkward. Another thing I could get into serious trouble out there for identity theft or something similar, going around as a person who died thousands of years ago.”

“Hmmm, maybe I should be a little more original?, yes” she replied answering her own question.

DG spent the next few hours gathering ideas and changing into several different original designs, all of which she did not grow attached too.

“Hehehe, I have an idea!” talking to herself yet again, in a cheeky tone.

[Locusta] *BANG* She transformed into a huge eight metre tall insect coated in armoured green skin, two huge fangs emerged from the side of her face with a an evil red eye set in the middle of it. Two very long and sharp scythes hung down the side of her body accompanied by four monstrous legs. She also had a small set of wings but obviously this type of creature was two big to actually fly with them.

“Maybe if someone really ticks me off out there, I could so get back at them in this form” she told herself aloud, her huge fangs opening and closing as she spoke. Huge amounts of saliva dripping from the Locusta's mouth, with each word she got out.

“Wait what am I doing?” she ask herself. “Talk about wasting time, I've probably missed so many miraculous things I could have documented already by joking around like this”

“Okay fine, here goes”

[Digital Girl] “Electronically and technologically obsessed, brainy, diva, space girl initiate!”
*Ka-ping!!!* Suddenly DG took to an original design. She exhibited dark blue hair tied into pig tails, a smug little grin on her face showing a mouth filled with amazingly white teeth. She was wearing what appeared to be a sleeveless platinum coloured jacket, reflecting light from all angles, and having multiple colours bouncing off of it's shiny surface.

The zipper on her jacket was pulled all the way up to her neck. She had the lower half of the jacket spread apart however revealing her navel. Also showing her soft and clean white skin which had seen no daylight and received no wounds. A blue miniskirt similar to the blue in her hair was covering the lower half of her body and she had a thin black belt strapped around her waist to hold it there.

Both her legs were dressed in long black stockings which ended just above her knees. She had thin dark blue shoes comforting her feet. The top half of her face was covered by an equally blue themed visor, giving absolutely no glimpse from the outside to her hidden eyes.

“Now that's a DG you can be proud of!” she said with excitement and self confidence in her voice. She spent the next few minutes checking everything about her body was alright. The worst thing to do would be for her to enter Algol only to be totally out of proportion around real humans and the other species.

“Well times a wasting, better get myself out of this cooped up sever here. Shouldn't be to hard for a god of this realm like me.” She said turning herself towards a worm hole that she would use to leave.

“In just mere moments all of Algol's information will belong to me, it's just to exciting” She said doing a small jump for joy. DG then held out her delicate hand and opened it revealing a three-dimensional illusion of the Algol solar system. She had even mapped out the hidden planet Rykros.

“Algol, I hope your ready for me? I’ve been over two-thousand years in the making for you!”

to be continued....

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