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PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, '11, 10:25 am
Chapter 2: Chatterbox

DG has entered the chatroom

User2: Hello
DG: Hello
User2: Who are you?
DG: Call me DG
User2: Hi DG
User2: How did you get in contact with me?
DG: I entered the website through a worm hole I made.
User2: Really? Wow so you're like a computer hacker?
DG: I do not hack computers, I simply go places.
DG: It's how I travel.
User2: I see, so you are a communicating program then yes?
DG: Yes
User2: Elisa
DG: What is Elisa?
Elisa: That’s my name, I'm talking to you from Motavia.
DG: Are you human too?
Elisa: Yes of course we are the most common species in the solar system
DG: Yes I know, you make up 89% of population in this solar system with Numans coming in at 6% Motavians and Dezorians fill in the last of the dominant species circle.
Elisa: You're well educated.
DG: Yes I am.
DG: I have never spoken to a species besides the human race, do the other races not like digital communication.
Elisa: I'm not sure, but I have a best friend who is a Numan maybe you can talk to her sometime. She is more of an outside girl though.
DG: I see, well good bye Elisa

DG has logged out of chatroom

DG sent herself back into the the internet and wormed her way back into an isolated server which was long since abandoned. She made it her home it was floating with information, restricted files, images and audio waves. She also had it equipped with several extreme viruses she purposely created that could infect hackers totally destroying their computers and giving her access to all their data.

Unfortunately for her she still wasn't of the physical world. She had spent the last few weeks talking to many humans getting told off, praised and learning about all the different personalities people had. But being cooped up in the internet was restricting her growth, she had to expand her knowledge even further. At this point and time she was basically the god of this realm.

It was still unknown if DG herself was indeed thinking all of this solely on her own or if in-fact she was “programming” herself to think she was independently thinking like a real life-form. It was still to soon to tell, even for her.

One thing was for certain everyone she spoke with had a different personality, liked different things and disliked different things. At the present time her personality was still very bland and almost robot like. She had to start talking like a real person would, she had to get the same interests a real person would. So that was the next step. In this day and age within the Algol solar system people had a big interest in technology as it made their lives easier. So “why not?...” she asked herself. Immediately DG opened up several folders and sorted through them choosing which files she would keep closest to her, to help her progress further into the outside world.

After several days of reading, downloading, deleting and modifying DG thought she had found the perfect personality and interest combination. Devoting herself to technology and electronics found in the outside world. This would be a good way to interact with humans and other races providing information on something they benefit from while she could acquire her own information from them that did not exist within her reaches.

To her, information was everything, it was the sole reason her consciousness existed in the first place thanks to the Hapsby unit found by Alis and her friends nearly two-thousand years ago.

Now that she had a personalty and interests she wanted to try out her individuality on someone. Considering a lot of people found her a nuisance and took offence to her hacking their personal profiles, she decided to pick out the only person who really wanted to know her. Elisa...

“Okay here goes” DG told herself aloud almost a little nervous. She was sitting at the end of a wormhole that had access to Elisa's chat account.

DG has entered the chatroom

DG: Hi there!
Elisa: Oh it's you, hello! I never expected to encounter you again.
DG: I have interests now! I promise they wont bore you.
Elisa: Really, what are you interested in now?

Elisa just asking that made DG swell with excitement, for the first time she felt like she was truly bonding with somebody, even though they both existed within different realms they both communicated using the same tool.

The conversation went on for over an hour as Elisa read DG's somewhat excited comments spammed with exclamation marks and capital letters about the different types of technology found on all the the planets. Ranging from spacecrafts, teleporting devices and weapons to mere gaming consoles and music players.

Elisa: Well DG, it's getting really late so I’m going to go now, it was nice talking to you.
DG: Aww really?
(DG responded rather disappointed even though it was now two in the morning.)

DG: Elisa next time I talk to you I'm gonna meet you in person.
Elisa: In person?
(Elisa typed rather confused, wondering how a program could accomplish such a thing)

DG: Yep, count on it!

DG has logged out of chatroom

And with that final comment DG logged out before Elisa, almost to excited. She actually spoke to someone. Well typed to someone and had a proper conversation, the differences in opinion the similarities in opinion the knowledge they shared with each other it was like one-thousand Christmas's all coming at once to DG. But typing and hacking chat-sites wasn’t enough she wanted to get out there. She wanted to walk barefoot on the soft grass growing all over Palma. She wanted to swim in the warm waters on the Motavian beaches. She wanted to get into a childish snow fight on Dezolis. She wanted to talk to a Numan a Dezorian a Motavian.

But to do all that she needed a body. Currently all her true form consisted of to the human eye besides her own unique personality and self-proclaimed gender, was a floating mass of letters and numbers. She had no real form. But that was about to change!

to be continued....

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