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Final Chapter: Accepting Fate!

DG had been sitting by herself for some time now pondering her thoughts and re-evaluating the situation that took place and figuring out what went wrong and what she could have done to prevent putting such trauma on her friends. She felt horrible to say the least she’d never experienced such a feeling before and it was hurting her.

Suddenly she noticed she was not alone she turned around suddenly and noticed a very pale wiry looking man wearing an orange coloured monk’s robe sitting next to her with his legs crossed. His finger tips were touching each other as his hands lay in his lap. He was bald and had soft blue eyes with no pupils, yet his eyes breathed life as you looked into them, a very gentle and calm aura hung around this particular individual.

DG was about to say something before the man spoke first. His voice was very calm and soothing.

“You’re lost my child”

DG didn’t feel threatened by the individual or question how he appeared next to her instead she simply nodded.

“You know Digital Girl there are many things in life which we cannot control.”

“I understand that now, I came from a realm in which everything was in order and I had full control over everything there, I was what lots of people refer to in this realm as a god you could say. But after what happed yesterday I could have had my best friends both killed, just because I was curious.”

The man was listening carefully to DG explain her thoughts to him.

“They have that saying you know, curiosity killed the cat, but not curiosity killed the cats friends.”

“Digital Girl your friends did not die, I’m more than aware of the troubled past both of those lovely young ladies have gone through, you should not punish yourself so.”

DG turned to the man; she never mentioned she had to two “female” friends. She seemed a little creeped out but more so surprised. “How did you...?”

“I’ve been around for a very long time Digital Girl, and your existence is no mistake, everything within this solar system was and is meant to be so.”

“Could you be the Great Light?”

“I shall not deny you my child; that is the name you people of this solar system have given me. Much like you this is not my true form, my actual existence cannot be comprehended by the life forms within this solar system as a result I’ve taken on the appropriate form to talk with you.”

“Excuse me sir, but what do you mean by THIS solar system?”

“I’ve created many solar systems Digital Girl, I’ve been around for a very long time you see; this solar system of mine which we talk within now is still young and growing. It has its faults but they are overshadowed by my beloved children, the many races of Algol.”

“Amazing!” DG exclaimed with a smile on her face, a gentle wind blew past moving through her blue hair.

“You’ll go on to do wonderful things in these worlds never ever doubt yourself for one second my dear.”

“Sir I’m truly grateful of your wisdom and wonderful words, but I must ask with your level of power how come you have not yet destroyed the evils which threaten your solar system? I don’t mean to be rude sir.”

“I love them Digital Girl, as much as they threaten this solar system I cannot deny that which you refer to as the Profound Darkness and her offspring Dark Force were once a part of me. I cast them aside in a struggle long, long ago, I could not kill them instead I imprisoned them in a seal which I left to be guarded by the gods of the planet Rykros I created.”

DG was overwhelmed by his response he had no hatred for the most vile entities known to Algol. He even stated he loved them.

“You may be surprised my child, but as a form of “Life” I cannot grant death. I create life, not take it away.”

“I envy you sir, I’d love to do great things in this world. I understand I’ve been around for over two-thousand years myself but my life is nothing I’ve left no footprints on anything...”

“Child you couldn’t be more wrong with yourself. It hurts me so to hear you state that.” The Great Light replied in his calm voice turning to face DG.

“I don’t understand?” DG responded

“You are one of a kind Digital Girl, even before you were born into the world-wide-web you contributed greatly to this solar system. Alongside dear Alis Landale when you were but a digit within the Hapsby robot, and also the Mother Brain and how she brought life to this wonderful planet, both their genes survived within you; at your true birth you took them and created something new and individual. You learned and studied for centuries my dear in the internet, you reached a level of intelligence no entity in this solar has ever reached before. You literally walked your way out of the internet and into the hot desert sands of Motavia to befriend a sweet human girl. Do you not understand Digital Girl you created yourself, you made yourself who you are, this empire, this form of existence you are not a mistake, you’ve done amazing things in your time and you will continue to do so.”

DG felt so inspired. His words really sunk into her and she realised what he was on about. “Think no longer about yourself but the impact you have left on your friends, both Autumn and Elisa love you, you are kind, protective and a pleasure to be around they smile and laugh with you, share secrets with you whom they feel comfortable with, you all eat together each night they have accepted you as family. Fear not for yesterdays troubles your loyalty and intelligence is why all three of you are alive today.”

DG smiled she then removed the visor from her face and threw it away, it bounced along the ground before breaking apart from the force of impact and vibration. She turned and looked at the Great Light. “What do you see sir?” she asked with watery eyes and a voice full of hope.

The bald monk turned and stared his soft blue eye into hers, and replied with certainty “The gift of life my dear.”

Tears then uncontrollably ran down the girl’s face. Not tears of sadness but happiness and acceptance what she truly wanted, proof she was alive, living and well.

“The path to the soul is right here Digital Girl” The Great light replied placing an opened hand in the centre of her chest. A brilliant white glow seemed to stretch out of her body like small rays from the sun as he touched her. “Your soul is you, you are walking the path as yourself.” He then removed his hand.

DG felt cleansed as though, her body was reborn.

“You and your friends will encounter many obstacles in your lives, be there for each other stay strong and live to your full potential. Rise above what knocks you down and move forward.”

DG stood up and pulled the ties from her pigtails letting her blue hair flap loosely in the wind, her hair was long, not Autumn’s length but long and beautiful. Her eyes sparkled in the sunset currently taking place.

“Sir, thank you very much for everything.”

“You know where to go now then my child?”

“Yes!” she confidently replied wiping her tears away with her signature toothy smile present.

The Great Light nodded awaiting her answer.

“Back to my friends, back my family!’ she replied

“Love is strong within you. Farwell my child” then he vanished as silently as he appeared it was almost as though he was never sitting next to DG to begin with. Her encounter never felt surreal which was fortunate and she was glad she was able to meet such a wonderful universal order a form of life itself.


DG arrived home opening the door. She was nearly knocked over by Elisa who ran at her with open arms wrapping them around her.

“DG you never said anything when you left, we don’t blame you for any of the stuff that happened yesterday and Autumn is fine, she...” Elisa stopped talking; she was crying her beautiful blue eyes out. She had tears running all down her cheeks as she looked upon DG with a look of amazement.

DG felt if she hugged Elisa any tighter her delicate body would break, she felt very precious.

“DG you look wonderful” Autumn replied saying what Elisa would have said but she was to emotional to get any further words out.

“Your eyes are beautiful. What a wonderful blue!” Elisa finally replied letting go of DG and stepping back to gaze upon her no longer hidden upper face.

“I think you have too many tears in your eyes Elisa her eyes are purple.” Autumn added.

“Not even. DG what colour are they?” Elisa asked

“Whatever colour you see them as” she replied smiling. “Everyone sees things differently” she added, possibly stating her eyes had no true colour and everyone who gazed upon them was introduced to something different and unique.

“Sure thing.” Elisa replied smiling in return, she probably didn’t fully understand what DG was getting at though.

“I may never figure you out DG, but your awesome and don’t ever run away from home again alright. It wasn’t your fault I fell unconscious yesterday that was my own doing. You protected us to your full extent, I ask for no more. Come here.” Autumn replied holding her arms out smiling, showing her teeth, she had small fangs present which could be seen at the far sides of her mouth, a trait common in most numans.

DG wrapped her arms around the long-haired numan, her hair was very soft and smooth. “I love you girls” DG replied.

Elisa then wrapped her arms around the both of them. “And we love our DG!”

“What is this, some kind of mooshy group hug?” Autumn asked awkwardly.

“Shut up, you’re enjoying it” DG added laughing.

Elisa giggled.

“Well it’s nearly seven o’clock Will, Hank and Isa will all be returning from Palma in their spaceship soon. Elisa and I were going to the space station to meet them there. They actually own this house. They’d love to meet you I’m sure...and we’d love it if you came with us to greet them.” Autumn added a little embarrassed; it wasn’t in her character to express herself so lovingly.

Both girls walked toward the open door but stopped and looked back at DG awaiting her answer.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea” she replied following them.


There are still many things left to learn about ourselves and the worlds around us and we shall discover them together. No matter how hard life in Algol gets and how much it beats and throws us around, as long as we are with the people we love and are doing what we truly want only then will we truly and willingly be able to accept fate.” ~ Digital Girl

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