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PostPosted: Mon Mar 5, '12, 10:14 am
Chapter 11: Incomprehensible!

DG opened her eyes what colour were they? Had she ever seen them before, surely she has, she did after all design her entire body.

De-Vars stood silent as he stared at the nervous life form before him. “Your eyes appear as though they are possessed, but that’s not the case at all.”

“Possessed what do you mean?” DG asked

“As I said, it’s not the case; they simply lack the iris or pupil, and before my vision appear completely white.”

“But that’s impossible; I’ve seen my eyes they are very human looking.” DG argued she stuck out her hand and a small digital portal opened with code on it. She began tapping away at the floating portal like device with her fingers and it changed into what looked like a floating glass circle, much like a mirror. DG then glanced into her self-made creation.”

De-Vars awaited her reply.

“Look!” she exclaimed.

The God then appeared behind her via teleportation and look over the petite girl’s shoulder and peered into the reflection device she held.

“See my eyes they look exactly like human eyes”

“I cannot see any resemblance to the human eye at all” De-Vars replied. “It appears my form cannot comprehend what pathway your eyes reveal.”

“But that’s...” DG was lost for words; she knew what she was seeing before her.

“Okay DG, I’ll ask you this, what colour are your eyes? What colour do you see before you? All humans have coloured eyes.” The god responded trying his hardest to believe what she was saying.

“What colour...?” DG stopped “...Forgive me but...I cannot describe this colour with words.”

“Is it possible you are able to vision colours that no other intelligent beings can foresee, at the present time?”

“I’m not sure” DG replied. She sounded extremely disappointed, she began doubting herself.

“Do you still want me to finalise your existence? De-Vars asked. “Otherwise I shall depart now and return you to your rightful location and time."

DG took in a big breath she carefully considered what De-Vars just said to her. She could clearly see she had eyes, but could not explain what colour they were because such a colour did not exist to the being before her. And he himself was seeing something totally different when he looked at her.


“Yes please do!” she shouted nervously, “Huh, wait!” she just realized she never meant to give him that answer, she was still deciding but him talking threw her concentration off. Now it was too late the god turned and poured his existence into DG, it was like a human being trying to stare into the sun, yet not being able to turn from it.

“Now together we shall define your existence Digital Girl” De-Vars responded in a rather soothing voice.

DG stood silent as she calmly began floating within the empty space that surrounded the two entities.

As a long moment of silence past, DG felt as though she was alone and that De-Vars had left her here by herself. His body was gone. Suddenly however she heard the divine voice of De-Vars for the final time.

“One cannot see what does not exist, DG”

“Wait, what do you mean? Do I have a soul? Do I? DE-VARS!! DG shouted but everything before her began to fade away and shoot past her. She realised she was being sent back home, back to Elisa and Autumn on Motavia, De-Vars did not respond to her desperate question.



“DG, what the hell?” Autumn asked aloud. The numan gently began shaking DG’s shoulders, rocking her body. “Wake up!”

DG turned to face Autumn, she had a rather distressed look on her face. Her body was even sweating, it ran from the tips of her hair and fell to the floor and ran down her cheeks and dripped off her chin.

“You look upset” Autumn replied after DG looked straight at her. “Are you okay?”

“What happened to me?” she asked. DG put a hand on her face felt she was wearing her visor her eyes were covered once again.

“You blacked out”

“Blacked-out huh, nice cover up De-Vars” DG replied with a nasty streak in her voice.

“De-Vars, you mean the god from Rykros?" Autumn asked rather alerted at the name.

DG never responded she simply stood up and ran a hand through her soggy sweaty blue hair. She then looked at her moist hand. “It’s not real!” she told herself turning her hand into a fist.

“Are you okay DG?” Autumn asked once more standing up taking a few steps closer to her.

DG ignored the numan once again “Autumn please inform Elisa I’m going to activate Mieu now. Meet me in the basement when you’re ready.” She replied storming off, with closed fists.

“Huh, wow I think she’s experiencing rage or something.”

Mieu was the red-headed female android the three girls acquired during a recent guild mission. DG took her dormant body from the location even though she wasn’t meant too. The girls were probably going to find out the reason behind this very soon.

to be continued....

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