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PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, '11, 11:55 am
Chapter 1: Origins

It was originally considered worthless and no longer needed, as an updated version had already been created. Fortunately for it Alis Landale and her friends plucked it from the garbage pile, cleaned it up and got it into working order. The computer like robot introduced itself as Hapsby. It was a small machine no taller than 60cm. Quite lite thus easy to carry around. It was also able to pilot ships and destinations were able to be stored away in its memory bank, it was much like a GPS. Although it was a robot its communicating skills were quite low as it was an early stage robot besides being programmed to say a few words and store certain information it was seen how it was considered useless amongst its original creators.

After crossing the Algol Solar system several times with Alis and her crew, it acquired much information and knew well over half the destinations in the solar system on the three main planets. Eventually the time came when Alis overcame the evil Lashiec and the unholy god Dark Force so upon returning home Hapsby was no longer needed. So Alis donated the robot to a team of young scientists at a university studying geography on Palma at the time.

The internal memory was taken out of Hapsby and inserted into a black electronic box. Hapsby was no longer physically a robot but now just a computer. It could still communicate with the small database of words it knew to the scientist, and still store information about places around Algol, but not much else. So they worked on developing it into something better.

Overtime Hapsby was able to store more things than just Algol's destinations it became a memory bank for currency statistics, images, official documents, templates and audio. Eventually the young scientists began passing it down throughout the university and over the years it acquired so much knowledge it became astounding. As the years passed into the tens then the twenties and finally the hundreds the “Green Age” occurred on the planet Motavia. The Hapsby box was taken along with another group of scientists in this era, who immediately had it confiscated off them as it was believed to be a threat to the Mother Brain, who was the creator of the now emerald Motavia.

Fortunately for the box it was not destroyed but isolated in a separate room over the next few years. Eventually Mother Brain started doing disobedient things not found in her original programming. This included invading peoples home computers for what ever reasons she felt necessary. The black box which was originally the Hapsby program was connected to the internet at the time so Mother Brain passed through it, upon doing this the overload of her information crashed the original program which was Hapsby (aka: destroying all that was Hapsby) all those years ago, but a new program emerged from the crash filled with dangerous amounts of knowledge from both Mother Brain and Hapsby. It immediately retreated into the internet to avoid being found and continued to live feeding off information it found necessary for itself.

During this time in Algol's history people began experimenting with biomonster and human cells creating a new race of people known as Numans. The electronic entity took a huge interest in this and recorded all the chemical and cell compounds down in it's memory banks which was highly classified information. It was skilled enough to go undetected through many government secure sites and took any information it felt fit.

Overtime the entity began to grow bored of gathering information about the planets and top secret government files. It was also skilled enough to have travelled all around Mother Brains high security files without being traced or back-hacked and gathered the information it desired. Its next focus was on the dominant species that inhabited the planets. Humans being the main species and the way they acted in everyday life; all of a sudden became a top priority to the artificial entity.

It wasn't long before it wormed it's way into an online chat site through a sever located in Palma. The site had connections via satellite on all three planets but over ninety percent of it's users originated on the green planet Palma.

DG has entered the chatroom
User1: Who is this
User1: yeah okay
DG: You are a human, correct?
User1: uh...yes
DG: You live on Palma, yes?
User1: are you stalking me?
DG: I cannot walk
User1: right...
DG: What do you do for fun?
User1: hang out
DG: I see. Would you like to know Mother Brain's chemical compounds within the watermelons she grows?
User1: ah, no not really
DG: I see.
User1: so what does DG stand for?
DG: Digital Girl.
User1: Right, so how did you manage to start talking to me even though there is no DG in my contacts list?

DG has logged out of chatroom

to be continued....

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