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PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, '11, 11:42 am
Accepting Fate: Artificial Heartbeat

Authors Note:
The following story is a spin off set in the Algol universe during the Accepting Fate story arc. Although it contains events from the classic Phantasy Star games please be aware that they may have been altered in some ways.

The following page is dedicated to the character's biography. For the actual story please proceed to the next page

Name: DG (Self given name)
Last Name: ------
Species: AI
Gender: Female (Only as DG, otherwise the existence is genderless)
Age: 2,168 years (Physically appears around 18)
Eye Colour: (Her eyes are never seen as she wears a visor over them)
Hair Colour: Dark Blue
Height: 5'8" ft (Can change at will)
Weight: 22 kg (Can change at will)
Next of Kin: Hapsby (She spawned from his data), Mother Brain (The surge caused by Mother Brain after passing through Hapsby's database caused her to spawn)
Weapon of Choice: Uses her god-like powers
Planet of Origin: Palma
Likes: Gathering information, Teaching others (she especially likes broadening the knowledge of physical life-forms)
Dislikes: Hackers, program failures, Dark Force
Hobbies: Torturing trojans and other viruses, gardening and plants
Idol: Unknown
Alignment: Good

Power Grid:
Intelligence: 7+ (Exceeds limitations)
Strength: 2
Speed: 7
Durability: 2
Energy Projection: 7
Fighting Skills: 2

Power grid ratings are scored between a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 7

Personality: ------


<Will be updated soon!>

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