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PostPosted: Thu Oct 2, '14, 6:14 pm 
Sad news for AC/DC fans. The band's guitarist Malcolm Young has been forced to retire from the music business and has been placed into a nursing home due to being diagnosed with dementia and short term memory loss. This is very sad to hear.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 2, '14, 9:28 pm 
I was reading something about this yesterday. While I am not that familiar with Young or his group I was still very shocked to read this news. I think he is only in his 60's and that seems way to young for this to happen to him now. I don't know his medical history or if he has had a problem with any other illnesses or medications, etc., previously or not. Also sad that he has to be in a nursing home. I also don't know his family situation or if he has anyone else to take care of him or not. He will probably get better treatment in a medical facility such as that though. Such a dreaded disease. Hopefully one day they will find a cure for this one too.

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