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 Post subject: About Lune and Siren
PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, '10, 1:31 am 
Does anyone know how Lune and Siren got sealed on Dahlia/Azura, in game theyre both got sealed by the leaders of the opposition, but doesnt explain how.
While other sources say Lune and Siren were in the final battle vs Dark Force but somehow got away.
Did Rulakir and the people of Lashute have anything to do with it, its all just theory, but I wont start on my remake until I have a complete story. I did a decent search but found nothing conclusive.

 Post subject: Re: About Lune and Siren
PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, '10, 2:25 am 
As far as I know, it was never definitively stated. Lune blames Orakio and Siren blames Laya, but both are unsealed by the same action. That suggests they were also sealed by the same action - probably by say Orakio and Laya working together.

 Post subject: Re: About Lune and Siren
PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, '10, 3:38 am 
I agree with Thoul - it's not explicitly stated. I've thought about it a bit and have a few theories. I think they were sealed after Orakio and Laya discovered that Dark Force was behind the Devastation War but before they left to fight him. Knowing their generals wouldn't accept their new alliance they trapped them on the two moons.

 Post subject: Re: About Lune and Siren
PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, '10, 4:04 am 
I sorta agree with you Hugues, but heres my thought on this.

I think Orakio, Laya, Miun, Siren, and Lune all fought Dark Force together. They used all their strength, but they were not strong enough. Orakio and Laya must have known about the power of Nei, thus they had enchanted Orakio's blade with the power. Siren and Lune fought together against Dark Force, but the two were posessed by its evil power. Influenced by Dark Force the two fought against Orakio and Laya. Siren attacked Orakio, but Miun blocked the attack, damaging her beyond repairs.

Laya used her magical powers to fight off Lune, and used a ancient spell not known to us players to vanquish Dark Force from Lunes body, but sealed him in case Dark Force still held power on him. This caused Lune to have hatred towards Orakio and Laya and all of their kin, for he did not know the truth.

Siren on the other hand fought Orakio, but Orakio pierced Sirens core, causing Dark Force to be trapped in his blade. Miun saw this, seeing that Orakio now held a black demonic sword was her last memory of Orakio before her shutting herself down. Dark Force left Siren's body, but not his memory processor. Still influence, but damaged, Orakio and Laya sent Siren to the other moon, to keep Dark Force from returning.

The two took Miun back to the desert town of cyborgs, hopeing they could repair her. But as she awoke her memory all lost, the only thing left was Orakio and his Demon Blade. She left the town and wandered the desert. Back in Landen, Orakio and Laya went to the castle in the middle of the dried up lake. Orakio placed his sword on a sacred alter, which caused the lake to fill up with water.

The two not wanting their actions to be repeated, and to keep Dark Force sealed, stayed in the castle as the water began to rise, thus killing them, wipeing their existance from history. Their bodies disappeared, but their souls watch over the blade until Rhys grandson pulls the blade from the alter.

Also this kinda seems like it could make a good prequal game, seeing as you got the 3rd generation weapons all there. Orakio-Sword, Laya-Bow, Miun-Claw, Siren-Gun, and Lune-Slasher. All the Nei weapons of the 3rd Generation gathered together in one party. Would make a good prequal if you ask me.

 Post subject: Re: About Lune and Siren
PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, '10, 4:27 am 
Here we go! From Japanese PS 3..


The "Moon Stone" and "Moon Tear" have been gathered together.
Now, if you bring them both to the tower in the desert...

Man above Weapon shop:
- Long ago, one could cross over from this island to the kingdom of
Cille via a shoal that appeared at ebb tide. The shoal stopped
appearing, though, when the two moons moved away.

The location of the legendary Satellite, you ask?
Look up at the sky...
at the twinkling blue moon.
Laia moved it away 1,000 years ago.
But twenty years ago, it was moved back. The blue moon - that's

There are yet survivors among the Orakians?!
But I thought my robot armies had wiped them all out!
I am a Siren-type robot!
You comrade Searren is modeled after me.
1,000 years ago, I served Lord Orakio along with the android Miun!
However, Laia used her strange powers to send me away, along with
I've waited 1,000 years' time! My day of vengeance upon Laia is at hand!

(A battle between Siren and the party ensues. Siren is defeated.)

Why don't you finish me off?!
Laia's Law forbids killing?
But I'll keep coming back until I die!
Until I have exterminated all the foes of the Lord Orakio to whom I have
pledged my heart!

There. You have the method used. Orakio and Laya took the stones out of the weather tower and the moons drifted away. The moons being moved away disabled transport to the Alisa 3.

When Rhys moved them back in place, Siren and Lune were able to go to Alisa 3.

Orakio took the Power Topaz to Landen and Laya took her stone to access the other fortress/moon away.

1000 years ago, you could go from each moon to the Alisa 3. In this case, Satellite you could go to Flotraan.

Dahlia you could go to Endora(?)

I think Orakio and Laya removed the items on purpose once they learned the error of their ways.

Actually I think Lune and Siren never learned about Dark Force. They resumed the war from where they left off. Lune and Siren do not realize they were duped until Generation 3 when they begin to repent.

In Fact, Wren was modeled after Siren anyways..

Siren never learned about Dark Falz and was continuing his mission. Destroying all foes of Orakio and everything related to Laya.

 Post subject: Re: About Lune and Siren
PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, '10, 4:46 am 
Thanks for the input guys, its given me some idea's how to continue on the story.

 Post subject: Re: About Lune and Siren
PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, '10, 4:51 am 
Thanks - I forgot to check the PSIII Japanese script translation for Ayn (here for anyone who doesn't have it).

Another interesting tidbit from there:
I am Lena's daughter, Lynn! I ascended to the heirless throne of the
kingdom of Riik!
YOU, you traitor to the Orakians, what business do you have here?! Do you
think I'm going to hand over the Power Topaz, Satera's heirloom treasure,
to YOU?!
This is the key to Orakio's ancient former fortress! Prepare yourself,
you babbling traitor!
Old Man:
Laians, here...
wanting to go to Satellite...??
Ohh! That's the Power Topaz!
The symbol of ownership of the spaceship!
In that case, go ahead and use our homeland's spaceship!...
And learn the true nature of our world, the Alisa III...

This is consistent with Orakio taking the Power Topaz, why it ended-up in Satera instead of Landen is a mystery but not a plot hole since they were both Orakian lands.

 Post subject: Re: About Lune and Siren
PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, '10, 4:55 am 
I've always liked the thought of Orakio, Laya, Lune, Siren, and Miun taking all Dark Force as a team, especially as it matches the parties we do get in PSIII pretty well. Going into detail with the story though, I just don't see how it could work. Lune and Siren both seem completely unaware of Orakio and Laya's change of heart. It could be from Dark Force corrupting them, but when you find Siren in the third generation, he acts like he's just learned what was really happening.

So that leaves Orakio, Laya, and Miun. Of the three, at least one had to be in the final fight and escape the sinking of the temple. The people in Landen know that Dark Force is sealed by Orakio's black sword. Someone had to tell them that after the battle. I think it was probably Miun, before she was seriously damaged. It could have been Orakio himself though; he could have lived, settled in Landen, and started the family that leads up to Rhys after the battle.

Laya could have also lived and sealed off the passageways after the battle. She may have done that before the fight, but we don't really know when it happened.

 Post subject: Re: About Lune and Siren
PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, '10, 5:44 am 
True. Though in the japanese, it's said both Laya and Orakio perished together. The boatman's story is also different. It actually explains where Orakio and Rulakir really lived.

See.. Miun also says someone woke her up. I think there is only 1 true descendant of Orakio who coulda done it.

In the japanese PS 3, the Sages of Lashute caused Maia to wash up ashore and ruined the weather tower to force Lyle to steal Maia back and send Rhys to fix it. They were following Rulakir's orders to get his master released.

I believe it was Rulakir who coulda reactivated Mieu. Considering the Lashute people aren't evil until you release Dark Force..

Anyways, the final battle in PS 3 took place on the sunken fortress as evident by the boatman's speech. The final party actually woulda been Orakio, Rulakir, Miun and Laya.

Poor Rulakir lost his whole family and when he summoned Dark Force, Orakio and Laya prolly saw DF for what he was.

We need the rest of japanese ps 3 done x.x

Dark Force can be beaten with 4 people.. So Orakio, Laya, Miun and Rulakir with Rulakir backstabbing Orakio and Miun being hurt..

 Post subject: Re: About Lune and Siren
PostPosted: Mon Mar 29, '10, 9:25 am 
Just a theory ofcourse, during the fight vs Dark Force,(whatever happens, theory still pending) :) Miun got severely damaged and ordered Siren and Lune to take Miun away to Aridia.
Rulakir could of posed as Orakio being his twin sealing Lune away, while Laya's twin sister Laya sealed Siren away, but that still doesn't explain why they have no memory of Dark Force and only remember the DW and being sealed away by the opposition. Dark Force or Rulakir could of erased their memory's or manipulated them to believe what DF wants them to believe. But then again alot of my theory doesn't explain how the gems get placed and the domes get sealed.

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