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Preceding note: This story takes place in late AW 4100s--also known as post PSIV. The domeships from PSIII have found their way to the Algo Star System (following Sean's story) and its passengers now inhabit Motabia and Dezolis.
The characters in this story are from my project Phantasy Star Rebirth.

Except for Searren.

The innkeeper locked the display full of keys and looked at the clock above the front door. Ten o'clock. Her shift was almost over. Good.

Her relief would arrive at about ten thirty. She was lucky. Most inns in Motabia have only one innkeeper, and inns were supposed to stay open 24/7. The inn at New Mile has three shifts. And mine is almost over, the young attendant kept telling herself.

The nighttime shifts were the worse, she was told. That was when biomonsters showed up the most. Many others in New Mile have been attacked in their homes at night. They built a moat around the city, but since then, water monsters have been attacking the residents. If it wasn't for this job, she would have left this town months ago.

The innkeeper looked at the door. A figure approached the glass entrance. It got larger.

And larger.

And larger.

Two people crashed through, shattering the glass. It appeared to be a Motabian and a native Palman. The two rolled and struggled and grumbled. Three more strangers ran up to the door, looking angry. They all looked like they weren't from Motabia.

"Hey, you two, cut it out! You're scaring the innkeeper,"quoth a Dezolisian. The green traveller towered above the rest of the group, wearing a tall hat and wearing winter clothing. Surely, she must be hot here.

Despite her protest, the two continued their melee.The Motabian found his way on top of the Palman and placed him in a headlock. The blue beast bowed low over him.

After a pause, the Palman began to laugh.

Wait, did he just tickle him?

"Okay, okay, uncle!"giggled the Palman. The Motabian rose and dusted off his clothes.

"Good evening, fine lady,"greeted the furry creature,his hand extended toward the innkeeper. He made a face that expressed amusement.

"Umm, nice to meet you. I guess,"The young innkeeper accepted his handshake out of fear of what would happen if she refused it.

What a strange group, she thought to herself. One of the two fighters were a small Palman in Arabian-type clothing-- a black vest that covered his bare,muscled skin, white loose pants, black cuffs, and a small black hat that topped his brown hair. The strangest thing of all is his eyes, she noted; one was gold and the other was brown.

His opponent was a Motabian-- large, with fluffy blue fur(of feathers;she couldn't tell). He wore traveller's clothing; a brown buttoned shirt, black pants,and boots. According to his eyes, he smiles a lot; that's all she could depend on, since beaks generally don't smile or frown.

The rest of the group was a Dezolisian, a cyborg, and another Palman. The cyborg was intimidating-- it carried a gun or some sort, wore a stern look and spoke in a cold, monotone. The others call it 'Searren'. The other Palman had a strange aura about him.Or her? It wore a robe and long, flowing, pale blue hair.

"A room,please."

The Motabian spoke again. The Palman girl(whatever it is) stepped up.

"Excuse my companion here,"the Palman apologized, shooting the Motabian a glare,"He didn't mean to frighten you, or to destroy your door. We'll pay you back for it. How much would that be?"

So it's a guy.

The innkeeper looked back at the clock above the shattered door. Only ten ten,she groaned to herself. Then she looked at the door. The other Palman was picking up the shards and trying to fit them together in the door. The cyborg was helping. What am I supposed to do?she thought to herself wearily.

"Don't worry about the door,"the young girl said. "Here's your key. Room 29. Don't disturb the other guests, please. That would be 50 meseta." The effeminate Palman accepted the key. He looked back at his Palman friend and the cyborg and stated,"We'll probably need another room."

The innkeeper handed the speaker another key."As long as there aren't any other people," she replied.

He then called them to attention. The other Palman was Quincy, the Dezolisian was Kim, the Motabian was Jo, and the cyborg, she recalled, was Searren. Quincy smiled broadly at the hostess and pointed at the effeminate Palman saying,"That's Virgil. He's the--"

Virgil clamped his hand over his mouth. He dragged Quincy to the rooms and the rest followed.

It's only ten twelve,the innkeeper sighed. She grabbed her broom and began to sweep up the shards of glass. I can tell that it's going to be a VERY long night...

The innkeeper looked at the clock above the opening where the door used to be.It's ten seventeen she sighed to herself. Her shift is almost over. She would be relieved at ten thirty.

A bell rang. It was coming from Room 29. She walked over to see what the problem was.


Quincy spoke."Ummm, question. What is this picture of?"

The innkeeper looked at the painting on the wall. It was of a valiant woman and a musk cat.

"That's Alisa Landale and Myau. They're legends here. You don't know them?"

"No, I'm not from here. I'm from the Alisa III."

"The domeship that arrived here not too long ago?"


So that explains why he's dressed so strangely, the innkeeper thought.

Virgil spoke up.

"Of course that's Alisa. I could have told you that! Why'd you disturb her job for something as trivial as that?!"


The innkeeper left the room and stationed herself back behind the counter.
Ten twenty two. Her shift was almost over.


The sound of the bell came from room 29. Again.

"Ummm,question,"Quincy queried,"Will there be food tomorrow?"

"Yes;we serve breakfast in the cafe six rooms down the hall."

"Will there be LOTS of food?"


"Awesome! Thanks."

"Will that be it, sir?"

"Yeah."Quincy grinned.


Ten twenty six. Four minutes left.


The young innkeeper sighed. What does he want now?

"I noticed that you always look at that clock in the lobby, so I thought that you'd want one of your own." A pocket watch materialized in Quincy's palm.

As the innkeeper reached for it, Virgil snatched it.

"Quincy, where'd you swipe this from?"

"Okay, so you remember when we went to that festival over near Aiedo and--"

"Why do you always steal things?! You have the money! You're a prince for crying out loud!"

What is wrong with these people?! she asked herself.

"Yeah, but princes are stupid and boring.."

Highly confused, the innkeeper decided to leave.She took the present chance to leave without being noticed.

And failed.

Jo the Motabian stopped her on her way back to the lobby.

"Will you be here tomorrow? We should get together and talk sometime.."

Shoving the large creature aside, the youth said, "I'll pass."

At the lobby, the innkeeper was greeted by an older innkeeper-- her relief.

"Miram! It's so good to see you! In room 29 are a group of--"

"One second. Before you fill me in on anything, I came to ask if you could fill my spot for me. My son's sick, and I need to take care of him tonight. Do you think you can do that for me? I'll pay you twice what I usually make."

As the young innkeeper considered her options, a large crash resounded behind her. She turned to find a flaming "Prince" Quincy crawling on the floor. Jo laughed loudly while Kim scampered after Quincy with a bucket of water. The inkeeper thought to herself, is money really worth this stress?

After a few more minutes of reflection and observing the four abnormal travelers (Searren was asleep-- or shut down), she decided to take the job.

"Thanks a whole bunch!" Miram exclaimed, "and I can't wait to hear about these party animals tomorrow!" Miram's companion just numbly nodded. What had she gotten herself into?

The innkeeper looked at the clock above the gaping hole that was once a door.

Ten thirty one she sighed to herself. Her shift would end at seven o'clock. The things we do for money, she added.

This was going to be a VERY long night.

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