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PostPosted: Wed Mar 7, '12, 1:22 am
Today is a sad day in Algol. A sad day because everybody lost:

A good man lost a beloved sister;
Another good man one lost a lover;
A few good souls lost a great friend;
The world lost someone irreplaceable;
The ecosystem lost a unique creature;
Equality lost to prejudice;
Love lost to hate;
Forgiveness lost to vengeance;
Understanding lost to selfishness;
Innocence lost to malice;
Good lost to evil;
Everybody lost the opportunity to grow in her happiness, cheerfulness, kindness, and love.

In just one year, Nei had done much more than most of us, by paying back all the hate and prejudice she had suffered with love, understanding, and especially faith in human's good nature. Really an irony, as humans nowadays value so little their humanity. Lost in their own delusion, they have become slaves of automatic mechanical systems, following them blindly, and not trusting their fellow humans anymore. They became inept, who didn't think and didn't act, surrendering their human intrinsic characteristics to live a futile but comfortable life, with no challenges and things to dream about.

Inside this deplorable society, there was one called Numan, or non-Human, who dared to believe the humans over the machines. Who dared to forgive them for their mistakes and cruel acts, even when she was the victim of their cruelties. Who dreamed about a world with no calamities, where humans were allowed to live their lives fully and freely. Who dared to act in order to protect the humans from an unnatural harm. Who dared to resign her own existence so other humans could live.

Rest in peace, Nei. You are gone, but you will live forever in the hearts and minds of those who had the privilege of sharing a bit of your love. And your sacrifice has not been in vain. Those people will do whatever it takes to make sure your mission is completed. Then, wherever you are, you can smile that sweet smile we all loved; resting assured that the heavenly peaceful Algol you dreamed about has been attained by this mankind you loved so much.
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