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PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, '11, 2:36 am

So, that was what happened, and I think I can end my account from that day here, for nothing else mattered. It has been more than thirty years since the day I met personally one of the heroes of Algol. For many years, my father visited Mr. Kain’s house to be taught in those arts, which were doomed to be lost forever. And I accompanied him often, learning a bit of the mechanic trade as well. With old Josh’s invaluable help, we were able to recover from the hardest times since The Great Collapse, and, while we have lost most of the technology, at least Palman race is not endangered anymore. We managed to stabilize the crop production and rebuild part of the cities. Zema isn’t the same majestic resort it used to be in the past. And probably it will never be, for the Palmans are still traumatized by Palma’s annihilation and Motavia’s catastrophe. Besides, we had reached an agreement to not pursue technology so avidly as in the past. However, the last time I visited Zema, it looked much more like a city than when I was a child and lived in its ruins' outskirts. Population is increasing steadily, and we are bouncing back slowly from the worst times Motavia has ever seen.

Since my family left Zema, while I was still a teenager, I’ve never heard about old Josh Kain anymore. And, giving his advanced age, I assume he must have already passed away. However, the lesson he had taught us that day was the most valuable lesson I’ve ever learned in my whole life. He had planted the seeds on our small community, and they flourished like weed, infecting our hearts with hope and determination to work together for a brighter future. He made us learn from our own mistakes, and I’m sure that if tragedy strikes Algol again, we are ready to work together, Palmans, Motavians and Dezorians, for coming up with a solution and saving our star system from destruction once more. Everywhere I go, I try to teach people about the things he had taught me. But, more important than that, I try to teach them the same lesson he had taught us that day, because I know that the future of Algol must be built over those values.

Josh Kain is still my hero. However, while saving Algol from Mother Brain and the Earthlings was an impressive feat, in my eyes, his biggest accomplishment was showing us that we are not victims of fate, but agents of change. If ,by defeating the Earthlings, he gave us the present, by teaching us that lesson, he gave us the future. I know it will take centuries until we manage to recover all the technology and knowledge we had prior the Great Collapse, but I’m sure that, whenever we reach that point again, we will be prepared to deal with it, for the benefit of the whole mankind. And never, ever, we will see our world being destroyed with arms crossed. Even if we fail to save it, we will fight bravely against our foes. It doesn't matter the outcome, it is better to die doing what is right than to live a shameful life fending off the responsibility placed over us. And I'm sure most of the remaining Palmans agree with me. Fortunately.
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