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PostPosted: Sat May 22, '10, 12:59 am 
Actually the story in Lunar 1 & 2 was generic. Ireland did what he could to make them more of a hit imo.

PostPosted: Sun May 23, '10, 10:27 pm 
Rick wrote:Why are the flowers so soft and the snakes so deadly?

Lunar EB is a.. tragic story anyways.

When people don't show love to lonely people, they turn evil and hateful.

If someone had given Zio a little kitten or befriended him, he woulda changed.

If someone had just loved Nei-First and not tried to kill her, maybe give her a stuffed bear and cuddle her.. give her pretty dresses and chocolates and teach her farming or something..

If the Great Light hadn't sealed the Pd away and left it all alone..

Moral? Be nice to the ones that COULD become Villians xd

There are several serial murderers who do it for the lulz, even having been loved.

I doubt Hitler would have chosen a different path had he been given a teddy bear...

In fact, reading about Hitler, I remember he was quite nice to those close to him. The Goebbels family were close to him and the kids loved their Uncle Adolf.

Just an example. Sociopaths come with that thing.

A fictional example of a character comes to mind... Quamzin from Macross. He had that giant lady Laplamiz as a girlfriend or something. He didn't turn into a good guy. He was already a 「donkey's rear end」, liking violence and destruction way before that. Not like he didn't have friends either. He liked betting with that Oigul guy from his ship.

Some villains, regardless of being shown love or friendship are still dangerous.

PostPosted: Tue May 25, '10, 4:01 am 
Like the Feringi, Quark.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 7, '14, 12:04 pm 
Now this was so awesome I just had to register to the forum. I am the author of the Lucia Lunaria remix, nice to find some oldschool appreciation in a forum thread like this. :)

I made this remix back in 1998, one of my most appreciated songs.. had some great feeback from Victor Ireland himself and was actually discussing with him to perhaps compose some more Lunar remixes, or even remixing all kinds of Working Design affiliated titles. Sadly nothing came out of it, but I have of course kept on writing tunes over the years as a hobby.

You can listen to all my stuff at Soundcloud, just search for 'Glejs'. Songs from 1996 until today. Very varied stuff, but video games and their melodies has always been a strong influence for me.

Another one, where I compose ambient soundtrack/RPG-ish music ("Distant Hope" is a good example). Surf to Soundcloud once again, and search for 'Glenn Liljestrand' :)

Thanks again for making my day, finding this little forum thread!


Rick wrote:Back in the day, times long ago that most of you wouldn't remember, there existed a game called Lunar Eternal Blue.

Come 2001, when the internet was still evolving, someone created a grand remix from Lunar Eternal Blue.

It was called Lucia Lunaria. It had the extension .xm but played in winamp.

I'm putting it up for you to enjoy. It's a great piece of music and Lucia's voice is so soft.

"Why are the flowers so soft and the snakes so deadly?"


PostPosted: Fri Feb 7, '14, 12:21 pm 
Welcome to this site, dear Glejs ! :) And thanks about this Lucia Lunaria remix ! I haven't heard it still because I can't read it on soundcloud (even if I've found it on the site !) but I'll try this this evening ! :)

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