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PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, '20, 12:46 pm 
Seven years ago, I had an odd dream, somewhat related to PSIII.

I live in the edge of my town, and there’s a big forest between my town and the next (and fields). If you just keep on the path, you won’t have to really venture into any of the forests.

In my dream, I went to up to one of those forests, and saw soldiers guarding a fenced area. The fenced area?

It was Terminus. The final world of PSIII. The fenced area was quite large, and it contained men in creepy blackrobes, like monks would wear, and I assume those were based on the Dire/Baneful/Malific enemies, the Lasher dinosaur enemy was also present, and lots of other creatures that I can’t recall. Either way, the area was obviously very dangerous.

Just thought that I’d share this because it was a really fascinating dream and I’m surprised I didn’t mention it before.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, '20, 12:21 pm 
Very odd dream indeed ! :) A bit creepy but interesting ! And after...what happened ?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, '20, 6:44 pm 
Funny you mention this. I have a recurring dream, for like, 20 years now, related to PS3. Well, remember the 2 castles that are ruined in Lyle's world, that are right near the connection dungeon to Aridia? Well, I have this dream where I was there, when those 2 castles or towns were there,, witnessing their ruin. I was just a spectator. A silent witness, but still an interesting dream nonetheless, especially because of the feel of it. As you'd guess, it was the machines--" cyborgs," that ruined those places. Its always stuck with me. The powerlessness, the dread, hopelessness of it. Pretty neat, in an apocalyptic way.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 3, '20, 12:23 pm 
Unfortunately, I never dreamt about any PS ! Maybe one day ? That is one of my...dreams ! :)

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, '21, 12:26 am 
I had a dream last night I was on Gaila/Gaira.
The night before, my apartment building's fire alarm went off, assumedly on a fluke, but it sounded so similar it triggered PTSD.
So had another nightmare last night. As i left the building during the alarm, it didnt exit to Sweeney or Marion streets, but to empty, quiet, cold, space. Woke up in a sweat, and momentary panic.
I have survived a heavy building fire twice before, among other near death scenarios before that, from when I was in the US military, and after in civilian life, with the fires.
So that sound/event flooded memories of that stuff, but notably, that horrendous noise alarm on Gaira.

Whats kinda funny, or amusing, or whatever, is during one of my fires, I swear I heard the Orphanage Fire music from Chrono Cross playing.

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