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PostPosted: Mon Aug 30, '10, 8:14 pm 
What do you think? Somebody on Facebook introduced me to this song not too long ago.

NOTE:They may look like a heavy metal band, but they aren't. They're AOR/arena rock (eg Journey, REO Speedwagon, Kansas, Styx, etc.). That genre produced some pretty damn good love songs I say! And I'm a sucker for that AOR stuff! There's some other couples (non-Phantasy Star) that I can associate this song with too.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 1, '10, 2:02 am 
I don't know. It does make a good romance suiting song, but I can't see it as very fitting for Alys or Rune. They both strike me as too independent and self reliant for these lyrics to apply well to them.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 1, '10, 2:41 am 
I... wow. I'll be perfectly honest and say that I thought the video was a parody of 1980s videos. :oops: The song isn't too bad for AOR (which I don't really care for, sorry), but I agree with Thoul that the lyrics are a bit more "Romeo and Juliet" and Alys and Rune seem like a more practical and subdued pair. It might fit a younger Alys and Rune, though, since we don't really have a good idea of what they were like as youths.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 1, '10, 4:05 am 
Well if they did have that assumed romantic relationship in the past (cannon or not I love the pairing by the way), this might be a good song for it then. I agree with Tanith. I guess I was just in such a romantic mood when I posted this. It happens. :)
BTW, ya I do agree the video is pretty goofy, but still I think it's a great song.

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