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PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, '11, 2:27 pm
This fanfic is dedicated to real-life Maia.
The man was walking at a steady pace. He was going back home after a busy day at work. Suddenly, he was surprised by a familiar voice in the crowded streets.

“Huh? Tom!”
“Yeah, my friend. How are the things?”
“Not bad. I had some days off for the Christmas and New Year Celebration and now I'm working, as always. How about you?”
“Well...” Tom looked down. “I've had a serious argument with my girlfriend.”
“Sorry to hear that.”
“Well, she asked me for some days to think about our relationship. You know, I hate that. For me it is as if we had broken up.”
“Yes, I know, but what to do? Sometimes it is better, regardless of you really loving her.” Tili's tone was comforting.
“That is true. Well, I wanted to talk with you exactly about that.” Tom tried to cheer up. “Jay, I was thinking about going to Cille this weekend, to have some fun and keep those worries out of my mind for a while. What do you think? Are you free for the weekend?”
“Yes, I don't have anything planned for this weekend.”
“Nice. There will be a harvest festival over there, I think it may be interesting. We can meet Al there, have a good time, visit the harvest festival and relax a bit.”
“Sounds good, you can count me in.”
“Great. I'll invite Roger too. Looks like this time he will be able to come with us.”
“That will be good. You know, it is so hard to see him these days, he is always busy. I just hope he doesn't cancel at the last minute, as he usually does...”
“Yeah, but then, we go without him. Well, my coach will pick you up Saturday, at 8am. I want to travel early in the morning, so we can enjoy the day. Is it okay for you?”
“Yeah, it is.”
“Nice. Then we go and pick Roger up. You know that lazy man will be still sleeping as we arrive at his home.”
“Yes, I know, but then we can throw a bucket of cold water on his face if that happens.”
“Deal done. Well, I've to go now. See you Saturday, Jay!”
“See you, Tom.”

Tili went back home. He was not really excited about the trip, but it could be good for a change. Though he didn't have high expectations about the trip, just to spend some time with his friends and do something different would already be enough for a would-be-boring weekend. Cille was just a mid-sized city with a palace, with nothing exciting about it. But Tili knew that what made the places were the people in it, so, as long as he had good company, it was fine for him.
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