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PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, '10, 8:43 pm 
Toshiba will introduce three versions of a new glasses free 3D Television very soon: ... _article=1

Good news: they may be available in time for Christmas.

Bad news: they may each cost several thousands of dollars. Not a good sign in these troubling economic times. However, more people are staying home these days and may not mind spending the extra money on an item for the home that the whole family can use, such as this one.

Comments or Opinions?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 8, '10, 6:15 am 
Cutting edge tech is always expensive. This TV, if it is released, will probably be obsolete within a few years. I know 3D is the latest buzz word in entertainment technology, but there is too much independent work happening on it. Every TV that has 3D is going to implement it differently. That's going to eventually lead to compatibility issues with recording formats, game consoles, or some other add-on.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 8, '10, 7:15 am 
Agree on these things becoming obsolete, and that happening very fast also. A few days after I first posted this topic I remember reading about some other company somewhere that had introduced a TV with features similar to and it sounded like they were even better than this one. Technology is just progressing so rapidly these days that in some cases it is kind of scary to witness it all. I know it can be a little hard to take it all in and digest sometimes. No sooner than you hear of one thing and then it is already obsolete and something newer has replaced it.

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