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 Post subject: A real Eye controller
PostPosted: Wed Aug 4, '10, 6:47 pm 
Here's an interesting new type of controller. A group has developed a method of playing Nintendo games using a special interface that lets a person's eye movements control the game. The video below explains it and demos playing Super Mario Bros. with it.

It seems like the concept needs a lot of work, especially if you watch the warning message at the end of the video. A game controller that could accidentally kill someone isn't exactly marketable. But still, it's a neat progression of technology. Maybe one day this make more games available to people who have disabilities centering on their hands.

 Post subject: Re: A real Eye controller
PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, '10, 8:37 pm 
Hey, just saw this post! :)

I think basically this is a terrific idea, and hope it (or the knowledge it contains) can be of some use in the future. It seems like it could be a very valuable asset for people with disabilities, such as Thoul mentioned, and other things as well.

The part about risking the life is very disturbing, however.

It seems like it would be very easy and simple to just use eye movements, but I had a very hard time adjusting to the Wii remote and using it with very slight motions, etc., so it might take some time to get used to doing something like this also.

The fact that progress is daily being made in technological areas is amazing in itself though. You never know what they may come up with next. :hyper:

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