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This is only a very rough draft of potential post-Mother Brain dungeons in Phantasy Star II during a timeline when Palm is saved (because Rolf did optional quests and defeated an optional superboss, allowing Gaira to vaporize before making impact with Palm) I want to incorporate Orakio and Laya in there somehow seeing as how they might have been on Palm instead of the Alisa III.

Phantasy Star II postgame fanfiction.

After defeating the Earthmen Rolf is called by Lutz back to the Esper Mansion.

Lutz: “Rolf, you may have defeated the Mother Brain and saved Palm from exploding your work is still not complete. Preventing Nei from dying and Palm from exploding has caused a timeloop where the Profound Darkness could enter into ours. In the parallel universe the weakening of the seal will cause warriors a thousand years from now to venture and eventually defeat it. There is a planet known as Rycross that you must venture to and collect five rings. Afterward, you must venture to Palm to complete some tasks. The Dark Force you defeated at Noah wasn’t the only one, there was another on Palm that was working on a backdoor for the Profound Darkness to enter through and through the time loop he has sent some monsters there from 1,000 years into the future, including Dark Forces. Venture to Rycross, and you will be tested by entities there stronger than even Dark Force.

(Rolf and party travel to Rycross. They equip the guardian armors and Nei equips guardian claws. Defeating the bosses there)
Protector of strength tower: “Congratulations! Now you must venture to Anger Tower where you will confront Le-Faze.

(Rolf confronts Le-Faze)

Le-Faze: So it is you who prevented Palm from exploding! While such was indeed a noble task you have opened up a very dangerous can of worms! You have interfered with fate itself and have potentially doomed Algo! But, there is something that can be done, fight me and I will bestow upon you a powerful weapon forged by the Great Light himself.

Rolf: (a choice is given, decides no)
Le-Faze: Only one chosen by the Great Light would have such humility, take this weapon, and fix the problem you caused!

Rolf: Gee, who would’ve thought that saving a planet would cause problems?

(Obtains Great Light sword)

(Return to Esper Mansion)

Lutz: Well done! I knew you could do it! I have discovered two locations on Palm where the Profound Darkness is operating, but first you must vanquish Dark Force again! This time he has hijacked an experimental weather control satellite.

(Travel to satellite)

Siren: What do you think you are doing here! Intruders must perish!

(Rolf and friends defeat Siren)

(Rolf confronts Dark Force 1 from PSIV)

Dark Force1: Mwha-ha-ha-ha! The gate between our dimension and yours is more fluid than ever thanks to the interference of fate! Your quest ends here!

(Rolf and party defeat DF1)

Rolf: Systems appear to be operational.

Siren: I apologize for the attack, my master Orakio sent me here to prevent Mota from having another climatrol.

(Rolf and friends head to Palm, is attacked by robots because he is still a criminal)

Lutz: You must head towards Bahl Malay where you will confront many underlings of the Profound Darkness. You will need this to complete your journey (gives Rolf the psycho-wand) There have been plagues throughout Palm as the result of the black wave, and the temperature is becoming too hot to sustain life. Also, at the Air Castle you will need a key to enter the Profound Darkness’ realm to destroy it. Even then your work will not be done, for there is something you must do after you defeat the Profound Darkness.

(Rolf defeats Juza, then confronts Zio)

Zio:Well well well, if it isn’t Rolf.

Rolf: How do you know my name?

Zio: You fool worm! You don’t know who I am? Oh, that’s right, you wouldn’t, I am from 1,000 years into the future. I was going to kill these five brats until they suddenly disappeared and the universe around me changed. I noticed that Palm was regenerated where an asteroid belt used to be. Then my God told me everything and teleported me back here. Mother Brain has nothing on me! After I am finished with you I will easily dispose of Lutz!

(Hugh neutralizes Zio’s barrier with the psycho wand and Rolf and party precede to win)

Zio: What? Impossible! I am supposed to be ultra-powerful in this time! (Zio disappears)

Rolf: What was his problem?

(They climb further up the tower and head towards the Air Castle)

(They explore the air castle until they find Dark Force 2)

Dark Force 2: It is I who have caused the plagues and rising temperature on this planet! Your journey ends here!

(Of course, Rolf prevails, then he confronts La Sheic)

La Sheic: I was the one responsible for opening the gate to exploit the space-time continuum rift! If I destroy you then I will be free from this castle once and for all! Too bad for you that you have saved this pitiable planet, thus going against fate itself.

(La Sheic is defeated)

(Dark Force 3 materializes in front of them)

(Rolf and party defeat DF 3)

Rolf: How many of those things are there?

(Rolf ventures to the Edge and fights Prophallus)

Rolf: I recall this demon being the one from my nightmares!

(Rolf easily defeats Prophallus)

Rolf: Considering La Sheic and Dark Force that was a welcomed break!

(They venture farther down to face the Profound Darkness and defeat it)

Rolf: Phew! Thank goodness that’s over with! As responsible for evil as it is I cannot help but wonder if it was truly evil, for what is evil really? Perhaps to her I was the evil one.

Lutz telepathically: You have done well, but the Profound Darkness still exists in its normal space-time and can return after recovering. You must speak with the spirits there.

Spirit1: We are beings from a time long before your universe began. We beings that transcend your multiverse and have created the being from which the Profound Darkness and Great Light split.

Spirit2: What caused this split was a powerful energy transcendent of the multiverse that created time loops, for in another timeloop fixing these isn’t necessary, but leftover beings manifest from this energy will ensure a return of the Profound Darkness.

Spirit3: It would have been unnecessary to close had it not been for you saving Palm from destruction.

Spirit4: This energy manifests as a being with its tentacles throughout the multiverse spanning many dimensions. Only the Great Light sword could penetrate it.

Great Light: I am galaxies away from Algo, but I have a great sense of urgency to tell you about the cause of the split between the Profound Darkness and I and what you are up against. Trillions of years ago while the multiverse was being made a being wanted it all for himself, but the creation of the PD/GL hybrid effectively sealed him. This entity couldn’t contain its power in your universe, so it was forced to split. I then defeated my other half, the Profound Darkness and sealed it within Algo. Sealing it in Algo effectively cut off the malevolent being’s entry into this universe. However, you were responsible for creating another timeline, which created a loophole for the Dark superentity. You can and must defeat it for the sake of your universe!

(Rolf and party fight a long and hard battle with the superentity and ultimately wins)

(The space-time continuum fixes itself and the reality alternate to this one is no more)

Lutz: I knew you could do it! Not only is Palm safe forevermore but the Dark Entity could never enter our universe!

(Rolf and friends head back to the Esper Mansion)

Rolf: Out of curiosity what would the future hold in that other reality that was “supposed” to happen?

Lutz: I’ll let the Great Light take it from here.

(The Great Light relays the story of PSIV)

Rolf: So that is where those bad guys came from! Good thing we saved those people the trouble of fighting Profound Darkness! At least for them there was no need to fight Dark Entity.
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