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PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, '14, 11:45 pm 
Sorry I haven't been around much. Between having issues connecting to the site and other matters on my mind. I haven't been able to get here as much as I should. This was written and posted yesterday over in Star Pirates and Gates of Camelot.

My little adventure and a crazy little journey I am now on...

It started off with me simply getting careless. I know stuff runs in my family. I know that I have a chance to follow the same path. I thought I was immortal. I thought things wouldn't catch up to me.

They did.

I know I'm in that diabetic range. I know it runs in the family. But still I kept guzzling my pop like their was no tomorrow. Ignoring the whisperings in my head that change was about to happen. The ground work had been set for the past few months. Little did I know I was about to hit the wall doing about Mach 10.

Aug 21 I went to the ER in the evening. 6 hours after I tested my sugar for the first time in months. (long story about why it took so long) Lets just say I was well past the danger zone. In fact as I reflect on what had happened I suspect I had been in the danger zone for at least a month before I realized what had happened. You blow 500 in blood sugars and you should be in some kind of coma. Not up right and acting normal.

That five hours was one of the worse in my life. Scared out of my mind. That night changed me. I've had many times in my life where this has happened. But this was the most dramatic.

I've always been a big man. The last 7 years or more I've been around 455lbs. I think I've even seen 460 a few times. The body really can't handle that for the long term. The fact that I haven't had too many issues is a blessing.

Flash forward to today. Doc's scale says I'm at 407. In a few months I could very well drop below 400.

I'm on a crazy little journey. One of the best ways to deal with the stress is to share my journey with others. I've made a few changes. The biggest one is that I quit drinking pop. Hasn't helped the Visual Snow at all. But I no longer need glasses to see. First time since I was a kid this has happened.

I'll keep posting updates as I try to chisel my weight down. Thanks for reading.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, '14, 12:31 am 
All I can say is: persistence. Don't give up, each day is a battle and each little victory is to be celebrated.

Small goals, measure them, cherish them, reach them one by one and one day, you'll step on that scale and see 250.

Your body will love you for it.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, '14, 3:56 am 
Thanks for sharing your journey with us Rylen. And I wish you the best in reaching the destination that you want and that is best healthwise for you. I think in some ways we are all on a journey just different journeys or different paths in life or obstacles to conquer, however you want to put it. It's hard a lot of times but if we keep with it then victory is oh so sweet when we reach our goal. We are here for you if you need to talk or rant or anything and we look forward to hearing more from you about your own journey. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, '14, 5:53 am 
Very sorry to hear that you got the news about diabetes, Rylen, I've been terrified of developing it since I was a teenager. It has a hideous history in my family on my Dad's side and my Mom has hypoglycemia, so I've always been cognizant of it. I stopped drinking soft drinks entirely in high school and have been trying to drink more water and lower my sugar intake in general in recent years. We're finding more and more that sugar is a silent killer. Like Aeroprism said, it's all about doing what can be done in each day. You'll get there, it's awesome to hear that you no longer need glasses.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, '14, 6:17 am 
All that can be said has been said. Well done. Just keep it up. It all pays off. :up:

PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, '14, 2:51 am 
Thanks everyone. Been a crazy time so far. *lifts his glass of ice tea*. :D

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