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 Post subject: 500 deaths from flu
PostPosted: Thu Sep 3, '09, 5:34 pm 
Heard on the news that there have been over 500 deaths in the United States from this new Swine Flu (H1N1) virus.

The last I heard, there was only about 1 death a few months ago. What happened here????

This stuff is becoming pretty scary, I think. Especially now with all the precautions that the schools are having to take since the schools open and kids normally become sicker this time of year any way but now they also have to deal with this flu.

I also heard on the news about some kind of tracker that Google has, I think it was, where they track where the flu is been and possibly going. Heard that it was pretty accurate to for where the flu may show up next.

Is anyone else worried about this flu? How are they handling it in the area where you live, go to school, work, etc.?

 Post subject: Re: 500 deaths from flu
PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, '09, 9:29 pm 
I haven't heard anything special about preparations around here, but it's also not been found in my area yet. I'm not too worried about it. If I worried about every little thing that could happen like that, I'd never stay sane. ;)

 Post subject: Re: 500 deaths from flu
PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, '09, 10:57 pm 
My Human Rights class on Tuesday was canceled because the Professor was out with swine flu...

 Post subject: Re: 500 deaths from flu
PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, '09, 11:23 am 
My 14 & 5 year nieces had swine flu but they got rid of it with tamiflu and some other drug. I felt good knowing you can seem to shake it rather quickly but it still worries me because of Alis.

 Post subject: Re: 500 deaths from flu
PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, '09, 4:01 pm 
This swine flue worries me also. I'm glad to hear your nieces are doing well, Darkil. My thoughts are with everyone during this upcoming flu season/winter.

I've heard so much about this swine flu. I heard once that they said the best thing to do was just ride it out. Then one day they said you would need 2 shots of the swine flu stuff, then the next day they said we would only need one shot of it. I don't even think they know themselves how to deal with this, and that is really scary.

I know it is supposed to affect the younger people more than the older people, or atleast that is what has been said as of now. Also, yesterday I heard that there have been cases of the swine flu found in all 50 states so far, so that just about effects all of us to some degree.

Of course, there is the other regular flu to worry about also, and get shots for. I have never gotten a flu shot before, but I am considering it this year.

Anyone else getting the regular flu shot? How about the swine flu shot????

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