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PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, '10, 6:55 pm 
Some PS4 fan-related stuff with a twist... These guys put the FF characters to shame. ( I hope. :lol: ) All these images and characters are mine. This is you ever wondered what the PS4 characters might've looked like on today's 6th generation engines, with alternate outfits and hairstyles. I'm sure you will recognize from which game these guys were 'rendered' in.

Guess who? :wink:

Who knew Hahn would look so... er.. sexy in 3d?

Where are all the Alys fanboys now? Wouldn't you just loooove to have her as your own? :D

Group shot (Rune, Hahn, Alys and Wren. My fav chars.)

I hope that's a little different. Rika, Kyra and Demi are downright impossible to do because of their saucer-shaped eyes. Gryz and Raja are impossible, obviously. :lol: It would look scary if I tried to emulate it here. I've seen a render of Aerith and it scared the hell out of me.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, '10, 8:24 pm 
Sexy, indeed. Wren needs some more mass, though. ;)

PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, '10, 8:40 pm 
These are awesome, Lyla! I must say, Zio looks super hot in that first pic. And dang, to have Alys's ABS...

How cute - emo Rune! :lol:

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