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PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, '14, 10:20 pm 
if you like me, and you either own a newer MacBook Prowhich comes with an extremely small hard drive that they have now made a replaceable(And they did the same thing with the RAM as well, see you cannot open up the device anymore and replace it with super parts) as far as the new MacBook air and MacBook Pro hard drives you cannot replace them because they are no longer the 2.5 inch drives, or you might own a Google Chrome which also as tiny storage space, but I am unsure if it is replaceable enough., Regardless, this necessitates the need for some sort of additional hard drive for storage space.
you could also be a third kind of person, who travels around frequently but does not own a NAS drive, so they would also need many many many many hundreds of gigabytes of storage access anywhere in the world.

personally I enjoy it because it is just one less thing I have to physically own. Nobody needs a bunch of clunky hard drives that are constantly becoming outdated and obsolete.

in addition to the free perks listed to maximize the gigabytes you can have, most of the services also and additions that have a program where if you prefer people, for every person you refer and sign up, you receive more for your cloud gigabyte storage.

HTTP/ – – offers free 50 GB of storage online

then there is this link that covers several ways get 50 free gigabytes from various online services: ... -services/

from the link above, here is just a few of the copy and paste paragraph tips to show some of the services offered are:

Google Drive

Google Drive gives it’s users 15 GB of free storage while this size increases with additional perks and invites. This 15 GB free space is also shared by GMail too therefore if you have emails with large attachments then you will be soon out of free storage space. You can spare 100 GB of free space by signing into your Google account on a Chrome OS device and visiting this link. But this given storage will expire in 2 years time period.


Dropbox provides 2 GB of free storage which might not look much but its not all , you can also grab many GB’s of online storage with additional apps and perks on dropbox.You might already know that you can grab extra storage by just linking your account to twitter and Facebook.
Download Dropbox carousal app and get more 3 GB of space.Mailbox is another Dropbox app , by using it you can also get 1GB free storage. HTC Android users running sense 5 can get 23 GB free storage space until the end of 2014.Samsung device owners can earn 48 GB of extra storage, which is limited to 2 years time period.


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