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PostPosted: Sun Sep 12, '10, 9:30 pm 
Here's a great story about a 35 year overdue Library book that was returned during the Library's Amnesty week program: ... ?gt1=43001

I think this Library Amnesty program is wonderful! It not only benefits the person from owing a possibly huge fee on returning overdue books, but it also gets the very important book back to the Library so other patrons can check it out and benefit from it.

Does your Library have a Amnesty week or other type program where overdue books can be returned without having to pay a fine, etc?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 12, '10, 11:42 pm 
Nope, but here a person is not fined for not returning books on time. They get a suspension proportional to the number of days they delayed the return of the book. This way doesn´t make people avoid returning because of a fine. So people, if they really wish to do so, may return books they have borrowed and forgotten.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 13, '10, 5:24 pm 
My local library puts a limit on fines. I believe the maximum fine is $5.00 (US). When something isn't returned after an extended period, they declare it lost and charge the full price of the item or a replacement. They also suspend all privileges until the item is returned and/or all fines are paid.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 24, '10, 9:42 pm 
Well, the 35 year old late library book which was returned in the story above was amazing, but here's a story that can even beat that one.

This story is about a guy returning a library book that was 76 years overdue: ... d=26882661

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